Sunday, July 18, 2004

Happy Birthday Snowbabies!

We have been posting posting on blogger for a whole year and today we thought we'd look back over the year and pick out some of our highlights.

Before we started on blogger we had a blog hosted on Xanga but when we got our new computer with XP, it wouldn't allow us to sign in so we moved over to blogger.


Our first post on blogger was on 19 July 2003, it was a hot sunny day and we'd been drinking, not much change there then lol. At the time the Snowbabies zoo included Lucy, Misty, Toddy, Zippy and Maisy. Later that month the shower busted and Paul got his first electric shock. We also had a fantastic night out watching the Bootleg Beatles.


We had a lovely day out at Cayton Bay with the dogs and the heat was getting unbearable. After a night searching and worrying, Toddy turned up safely.


The wedding plans are coming along nicely and Paul picks up his new car.


This was a very busy month, Maisy left us, Debbie got a new job which didn't turn out to be very good and handed in her notice.


We only made one post in November, being busy with wedding plans and getting ready for Christmas.


The Christmas decortaions were done. We had a ride up to Snake Pass but there was no show for the snow.


We finally get some snow.


Eskimos in the snow.


Paul buys a kite and we get some more snow. An impending disaster and then averted the next day.


We make great progress with Zippy and Paul decides it would be a good idea to buy some dance mats for the playstation while Misty starts swinging from doors.


We had a lovely day out at Knowsley and had a month of taking lots of pictures with Debbie's new camera.


June saw even more photos on here with vists to Whitby and Knowsley, even Lucy stood still long enough for her picture to be taken. Debbie got her new car, a shiny Yaris Blue.

So that's whole year on here, it's been fun keeping a diary and we're looking forward to writing about the next 12 months.
Paul & Debbie


Yorkshire Soul said...

Happy 1st folks, good animal pictures, we just got back from the safari park.

Shirl said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Here's to many more!