Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Shepherds Pie

Last night I did some proper cooking and made us shepherds pie which was lovely and as usual, I made too much so the dogs got a dish full as well. Debbie was a bit late getting home as she dropped someone off near us and then got lost and drove about 5 miles in the wrong direction. I think we need to keep a local A-Z in the car as I'm just as bad and I've lived round here all my life.

We scrapped the idea of taking the buggy out, which was just as well because when I came to start it for a quick go round in the back yard, it wouldn't...again. I put the starter back on charge again, put the car back in it's box and went off to pour myself a bicardi and coke.

Lucy spent most of the night next to the parrot cage having a whimper now and then because he wouldn't come out to play and Harvey was in ball throwing mode, he never seems to get tired of fetching the ball back. After Lucy ran off with the ball, I started throwing his water toy in the air and more often than not he jumped up and caught it, I think this dog is going to be good with a frizzbie.

This morning I've been out with the buggy before going to work, I've found small gravel public car park on the way to work. It was a blast thrashing it around there, I managed to get two runs in before having to go to work. I think the remote batteries are on their way out already. I thought that might happen as the shop gave me Panasonic batteries which we've used in the camera before and they are as much use as a chocolate fireguard. I'll go and pick some re-chargeables later.


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