Tuesday, May 31, 2005

We're Back!

The reason for the lack of updates recently is because we've been on our jollies to Primrose Valley near Filey on the East Coast. We had a great time there and will be off to another Haven park later this year. We had booked for the whole week but with the house moving process just starting we came back on Thursday to get a huge pile of paperwork signed off.

Lucy and Lolly loved the break and the sea air seemed to tire them both out quickly, alas, Lolly is back to normal now and racing around like a nutter again ..lol.. The cats enjoyed being pampered at the cattery and have apparently been a treat to look after all week.

Everything is still going to plan with the move, we've been out this weekend and ordered a new sofa and decided on some new pine furniture for our new house. We've been in touch with our estate agents and found out that our buyers are using the same solicitor as us so things should start moving along quite quickly.

We've got loads of photos to post, hopefully we'll get time to put some one here in-between all the packing!


Friday, May 20, 2005

Mad Week

It certainly has been a mad week, trust things to start moving on the house front while I was on the course in Cheshire, every spare minute was spent on the phone sorting things out. I'm glad to be back now so we can get things signed off to speed things along.

It wasn't all hard work though, driving over the Pennines everyday was nice and I got loads of photos of the beautiful scenery up there, unfortunately we've not got time at the moment to post any here, I'll just have to plonk them in the photo album when things calm down a bit. It was tiring though, driving though new areas, constantly on the lookout for speed signs and speed cameras, which are not always yellow over there!

With still loads to do, mortgage, solicitor and an enormous amount of packing, it's might be a few days again before we manage to get a post on here with the latest news but we'll be back as soon as we can.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

What a difference a week makes!

Well you aint going to beleive this but we have sold our house and to a lovely couple at that, 1st time buyers......

We are nearly all set for the next few weeks of getting surveys done and going to solicitors etc and most prob spending some well earned cash....ouch...lol...

Paul has not managed to get any post on this week as he has been away on a computer course and is a ickle bit tired having done a lot of travelling each day to get there.

Time to nip to the chinese and get something very tasty, it almost 7.50pm and this will be the first nite this week that we have managed to get our evening meal before 10pm.....

Later Aligators


Saturday, May 14, 2005

Spam Spam Spam

We have noticed over the past few months we are getting a lot of spam on our guestbook, any entry that is put on there has to be approved by us incase its iffy, so do yourselves a favour and SPAM someone else......you are not getting anywhere as they are deleted before anyone else can see them...

On a lighter note everything is fine and dandy here we are as usual taking lots of piccies and hopefully will be doing some craft fairs soon, if anyone has any tips, please leave us a message, any info would be very much appreciated....

Lolly is growing nicely and we will get some more piccies of him hopefully this weekend, Lucy is just as cute and daft as usual and the three amigos are just mad as hatters, this morning they were all taking it in turns to have a drink from the water bowl, Eric seems to sit there for ages, Im sure he is obsessed with it, rather than drinking it.

Time to make Paulie get his wallet out and buy some goodie, this could be a task girls so wish me the best of luck...lol...lmao....

Till we meet again.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Take A Break

With the lovely weather yesterday, I was compelled to go and have a walk round Locke Park yesterday lunch time and it certainly beats fighting your way into town or staying in the office and trying to answer the phone after taking a huge bite out on enormous butty!

The park was really quiet, devoid of any school kids which was nice, the only company being the blackbirds and pigeons foraging on the ground, the smaller birds fluttering among the trees and the squirrels racing about under cover of the bushes, occasionaly coming out to pose for the camera. There was that lovely aroma of fresh cut grass as I made my way round the park looking for the flower garden. After ten minutes of searching, I though to myself, I've lost it! It's there somewhere, sad as it maybe, even though we've been there before, I'm going to have to look at a map of the place to find it lol.

We had an email from our gas and electricity supplier last night, they've estimated the bill again. They're a bit on the crafty side, they never ask for a reading, they just do an estimate based on you living in Siberia and the it's up to us to do a reading and put them straight. This is if their web site is working, more often than not it isn't, like last night when we had to call and give them the reading over the phone. Except we couldn't, because the manager was on holiday this week so they couldn't take any reading from us. Perfectly acceptable for a national company, my arse! I asked to speak to someone higher up the chain, they suggested customer services, who conveniently closed five minutes ago. Hey ho, I've been promised that they'll be calling me this morning, that is if the manager there isn't on holiday too lol.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Where Are the Swallows?

What! No post yesterday? What's the world coming to lol. We've both been very busy at work leaving us with little get up and go come home time.

One of our friends popped over last night, bringing along his Nitro Audio, we didn't really have the space in the yard to try it out but it did look like a little mean machine. I must get my Nitro Buggy on the road again this summer, I barely ran it in after buying it last year, it's finding the time to take it out for a spin especially with the palaver of charging everything the night before even though the dam thing runs on petrol lol.

Today looks like it's going to be a lovely day, it's been sunny for a few days but with a very cool northerly wind which has at last died away, leaving us with a frost this morning but a promise of a nice warm afternoon. I've been looking towards the sky over the last few weeks looking for out friends the Swallows and Swifts but thus far I've seen none, I'm sure they must be here by now. With our camera's now being even more powerful than the binoculars, we're hoping to get some cracking shots of out feathered friends in the coming months.


Monday, May 09, 2005

Debbie gets all creative!! Posted by Hello

Pain In The Back

The weekend seemed to take over where Thursday left off lol. On Friday night we were at a work colleagues wedding reception and on Saturday morning, despite being shattered, we were both awake at 6am! Any we couldn't decide what to do so had a snooze on it, four hours later we surfaced again! With the morning almost gone we just popped in to town for a few bits and pieces. Inexplicably, Debbie managed to pull a muscle in her back while we were out, I sprayed some of that heat stuff on when we got home. I'm not sure if it worked, more like the burning sensation masked the pain.

On Saturday night we went out for a meal with freinds at an Italian restaurant in Rotherham, the food was top banana, Debbie had steak covered in mushrooms and I had steak covered in sauce, I'll deffinatley be having the same again, I I can remember what it was lol.

Sunday morning we were up at a more reasonable hour, not risking a snooze this time lol. We popped back in to town for a few more bits including a pack for printing stuff on t-shirts and a carry case for our photos to keep them safe from the zoo. Debbie also picked up quite a few frames, three of them were long tall one which I though would only be any good for pictures of giraffes lol. However, back home, Debbie got to work splitting one of her photos into three and put each section in one of the long frames. We've hung them side by side on the wall and they look fantastic!

The weather has been sunny but still very much on the cold side this weekend, we managed an hours stroll round a local wood on Sunday afternoon but we're glad to get back into the warmth of the car and head home for Sunday dinner.


Friday, May 06, 2005

One Mad dash After Another

Well, what a day yesterday was, first of all the fella who was coming to view our house decides at the last minute that he can't make it, we weren't impressed having got up early to get everything ship shape for a lunchtime visit. From now on it's strictly evenings and weekends only, no more rushing around like a blue arse flies in the early hours for us.

On arriving home, there was a phone message from Asda, our new glasses were ready, so we shot off down there to pick them up, along with a couple of butties to munch in the car.

After tea in the supermarket car park we raced over for our debut at the camera club which turned out to be a really enjoyable evening even though it was mostly watching tips on using Photoshop. We still had to go and vote so we had to leave early but the chappy in charge had a chat with us before we left which was nice and we'll definitely be going back.

Remembering we'd forgot the polling cards, we shot off home again, I raced inside, said hello and goodbye to the dogs before sprinting into the polling station. Votes cast, we still had to do the shopping and by this time it was almost 10pm. Anyway we got to the supermarket and got the trolley loaded up then found I'd left my wallet at home. With Debbie wandering round the isles, I raced back home, sprinted inside, said hiya to the dogs, got my wallet and raced back to the supermarket.

I think we got back home with the shopping at about 11.30pm, just in time to see the first results of the election coming through and managed a quick stiff drink before collapsing into bed.

The new glasses aren't disguising the very tired eyes this morning lol. Time to get another round of coffee's in!


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Photo Blogging

We've got another viewing today, it's at lunchtime though, so I'm going to be screaming away from here to get back and sort out the zoo before they arrive, then hurtling back to work again for the afternoon shift. At least we've got the dog cage now so I can pop them in there while the folks look round. The cats will go in the carriers as usual, hopefully Toddy will go in without a struggle this time!

On an entirely different subject, we were looking at some photo blogs the other day and were wondering about starting one of our own before realizing we allready have one, sort of. By archiving all our photos on Flickr, we have in effect created a photo blog without realizing it lol. I'm going to see if there's anything we can do to make it a little more appealing in it's own right but for now, you could sit down with some tea and buscuits and watch the Slide Show.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Join The Club

We got a message from the camera club yesterday telling us to go along to the next meeting where we would be made very welcome, which as luck would have it, is in a pub!

So last night it was time to sort out our photo collection, something we've been putting off for about three years. It was nice looking back at some of the older photos which we've not seen since we took them. While browsing through we picked out over a hundred to print out and put in our new portfolio. While the printing was going on and boy did it go on, we copied all our existing photos on to CD which is something we should be doing every week, a slap on the wrist for that one.

Printing the photos four to an A4 page, we ended up leaving it running overnight with the eyes giving in on page nine of twenty five lol. This morning there was a message waiting for us on the computer, 'ink running low, please replace cartidges'. Somebody somewhere is rubbing there hands together with this ink cartridge business! Anyway all the photos printed out overnight and they all look fantastic!


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Big Prints

The new printer we got on Sunday has turned out to be fantastic! Up to now we've been using a little Epson Stylus and to be honest, it was easier to get prints done down the photo shop than attempting to get a half decent photo off our own printer. But now we've got this new HP beastie, which does up to A3 prints, it's so much easier with front paper loading and the end result, especially on A4 is out of this world. We've printed out more pictures this weekend than we have in the last two years and now have something to put in the frames we've been buying.

What we have found though is that most of our existing collection of photos, which is in the thousands, has been taken at lower resolution than is required for A4 printing but is still ok on the standard 6 x 4 size. We've now changed the settings on the cameras to biggest size and highest resolution and found that snaps from this weekend print perfectly as A4. With the number of available pictures on the memory card reduced to 200, the next purchase will be a couple of 1GB cards. How did we ever manage with a roll of 24 exp film!


Monday, May 02, 2005

What a View!! Posted by Hello

Come on Lucy, Grandad is getting away! Posted by Hello

Lolly all tired out!
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Cheecky Chappie David. Posted by Hello

Paulies Dad taking a breather! Posted by Hello

Lovely Weekend

Saturday we had our first viewer with the new estate agents and to be honest we have not got a clue what she thought of our ickle house we will just have to wait and see if she is interested.

Sunday wearing a very bad hangover we had a chilled morning followed by getting a new printer and a doggie cage, sounds terrible that we could cage our dogs while in the car, but to be honest its the best thing we have bought them, its so much safer and that are not jumping everywhere and being sick all over the car.

We were looking at selling some of our photos on EBay, but to be honest we checked out all the other and there seems to be no interest at all, so we are going to join a photo club and see what comes of it, Im sure there is a market there, but as of yet we can not find it!

Sunday afternoon we decided to take Lucy and Lolly to the local country park and they had a blast of a time, Im sure they brought half of it back as when we got home they had to go straight into the bath, they were both bloody dirty...lol... Sunday evening we stayed on the pc all nite messing with printer and getting the very best photo quality we could, I ended up doing a print for Paulies Dad and framing it, he is chuffed to bits with it.

Today we picked Paulies Dad up and not forgetting Paulies youngest brother David and headed off to Woodhead which is a lovely walk, after 3 and half hours walking and taking piccies of course we went for some lunch at Compo's cafe in Holmefirth, we all had Jumbo fish and chip and boy was there a lot cause I could not finish mine then we went to do a ickle shopping in Holmefirth town and the heavens opened on us, it was like someone have chucked a bucket of water at us, we were soaked...lol...

On the way home the heavens opened again but this time with Thunder and Lightning just to add to the flavour. After dropping Dad and David off it was time to head home and get Lucy and Lolly in the bath again, Poor Lolly had been sick all over poor Lucy, what a pair they make.

Time for a chill as we are both knackered from all this walking, mind you it aint half doing us some good.

Till next time have fun but be safe and dont forget to wear a condom...lol...lmao...