Thursday, May 05, 2005

Photo Blogging

We've got another viewing today, it's at lunchtime though, so I'm going to be screaming away from here to get back and sort out the zoo before they arrive, then hurtling back to work again for the afternoon shift. At least we've got the dog cage now so I can pop them in there while the folks look round. The cats will go in the carriers as usual, hopefully Toddy will go in without a struggle this time!

On an entirely different subject, we were looking at some photo blogs the other day and were wondering about starting one of our own before realizing we allready have one, sort of. By archiving all our photos on Flickr, we have in effect created a photo blog without realizing it lol. I'm going to see if there's anything we can do to make it a little more appealing in it's own right but for now, you could sit down with some tea and buscuits and watch the Slide Show.


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Snowbabies said...

Copied from Haloscan:

I keep looking at the Flickr thing and wondering if it works well.... waddya rekon?

Hope the viewing went well :o)
gemmak | 05.05.05 - 10:46 pm | #

We've been using Flickr for a while now but just for dumping photos in to show in the side bar here. We started using some of the features yesterday and we think it's ace for showing off your snaps.

There is a limit for uploading per month but because we re-size everything for viewing on a PC, we never even come close to it.
Snowbabies | 05.06.05 - 8:17 am | #