Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Three Amigos, Eric, Toddy and Misty planning their next move. Posted by Hello

The Doctor Has Left The Building

We got round to watching Alien Vs. Predator last night and while it took a long time to get going, with a plot so thin it was almost invisible, it was worth all the yawning to see the two species going head to head at the end.

Watching the news this morning, we were both a little surprised to find that Christopher Eccleston has quit Doctor Who just four days after the first episode was shown. Apparently he's worried about being type cast, a little bit presumptuous I think after less than a week!


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

New Filing System Required

We were going to nip over to Meadowhall last night after work to get new mobile phones but we've decided to keep the old ones. We've both got a Sony Ericsson T-610 and while everyone seems to think it's a great little phone, we're not all that happy with it but were going to stick it out until the end of the contract and get another free phone.

So instead of a shopping trip, we spent half the night looking for Debbie's birth certificate because the new place she's working at now needs either that or a passport to prove who you are. We last saw it together with my passport when we went to the registry office last year and knew we'd put them somewhere safe. As usual, they were too safe and because we tend buy a new file to store things in every other month, they could have been in any one of half a dozen of these plastic file things dotted around the place.

We committed the number one searching sin, not looking in the last place you'd expect to find something first, so it was two hours before we found both birth certificate and passport tucked safely in the kitchen drawer. I think it might be time to buy one of those two drawer filing cabinets we've been looking at.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Shush Shush

We had a lazy day on Easter Monday, the weather wasn't really fit for anything else, not only was it raining, it was also much colder to boot. We did venture out to the supermarket and found that everyone else in the area was there too, fighting for spaces in the car park.

Against our better judgement we tip-toed in to Carphone Warehouse to look for a new mobile phone, it wasn't long before we had someone hovering behind us, itching to tell us about Talk Talk. I told him, please do not mention Talk Talk, we don't want it.......twenty minutes later after waffling on about Talk Talk, he got round to sorting out a new phone.....none in stock!

We know which mobile we want and we know another branch that has them, we've just got to be strong when we go in, armed with a whole bag of 'shush' for the salesmen that just won't stop talk talking.


Sunday, March 27, 2005

Look! No hands! Posted by Hello

D'ya think we otter stop posing? Posted by Hello

The Rhinos were all at the feeding station today, it's better when they're out on the fields.... Posted by Hello

Blurred is fine with me! Posted by Hello

Why do they have those fences, they just make the picture blurred..... Posted by Hello

How to blend in to your surroundings.... Posted by Hello

Debbie's been after one of those feathers for twelve months! Posted by Hello

The Knowsley elephants having a family day out.... Posted by Hello

It's not only Koala Bears that eat shoots and leaves..... Posted by Hello

I'm so lazy, I'm not even going to open my eyes today... Posted by Hello

Sisters taking it easy... Posted by Hello

Everyone’s Gone To Knowsley

Hope everyone’s having a great Easter, we’ve had a lovely day out at Knowsley Safari Park today and for the first time in ages we got there quite early. It was just as well because while it was fairly quiet before lunch, it was one long traffic jam round the park by the afternoon so we gave up on having a second trip round.

We’ve still signed up for another year though and we’re looking forward to go again when it’s less busy.

Even with our visit cut a little short, we still came back with over five hundred photos! It was nice to get back early though and have a nice cup of coffee before an afternoon nap to catch up on the zeds missed out on last night.


Saturday, March 26, 2005

The lovely Runswick Bay. Posted by Hello

That's one huge pebble! Posted by Hello

Come on Lucy! I think we're ready for take off! Posted by Hello

Is There A Doctor In The House?

We had a lovely lie in this morning, in fact we were that tired we’d have still been in bed now if the phone hadn’t rung at ten this morning, must have been the sea air

We’ve been over to Grandma's today, her memory is on the wane a little these days, bless her, but she really is a laugh a minute and we never have a dull time when we visit.

Tonight we’re chilling and looking forward to seeing the new series of Doctor Who which has been missing from our TV screens for sixteen years. Hopefully it’ll be a little bit more high tech without the monsters that could have been made on Blue Peter with sticky back plastic


Friday, March 25, 2005

Lolly all tired out after a fun filled day! Posted by Hello

Lucy gets brave and take a dip!! Posted by Hello

All lined up and ready to go!! Posted by Hello

Paulie, Lucy and Lolly ready for action.... Posted by Hello

Three Becomes One!

With less and less time for blogging, weve decided to go back to just doing one blog, this one!!

Now you will have post from Paul as well as Debbie, when she has a spare min.......

We both have enjoyed doing our own blogs and wish to thank all for your special comments and linking to us both....

We have been to Robin Hoods Bay today and got some fantastic shots of Lucy and Lolly, we ended up getting stuck on the rocks and seeweed and of course Debbie ended up slipping and hurting her knee.

Both Lucy and Lolly are shattered and already asleep, hopefully till tomorrow

Nothing on the housefront as of yet we will give it another week and then I think it will be a change of estate agents!!

Time to get the drinks in, till next time have a great Easter weekend, dont get stuck in them traffic

Debbie & Paulie

Thursday, March 24, 2005

How Do You Eat Yours?

Thank crunchie it's F....Thursday! Or maybe that should be, thank Cadbury's cream egg, it's Easter weekend, the first bank holiday of the year and boy do we need a break!

We took Lucy and Lolly out for a walk last night and it's noticeable that Lolly's very reserved when he's outside the safety of his home, he'll stretch the flexi-lead to it's limit then come back to us and walk behind us for a while before venturing forward again to see what Lucy is up to. Inside the house, he's a different dog altogether and doesn't poor old Lucy know it!

This morning he's been racing round like a nutter with a soft in his mouth with Lucy giving chase wanting it back. We do have to calm him down every so often when he starts nipping Lucy's legs because he can't get something off her but on the whole all this exercise is doing Lucy the world of good. Maybe we should chase them both round and round then sofa to shed a few pounds too.......cue Benny Hill music.....err..maybe not!


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

No Rain Please, I'm Lucy

Only one more day after this one and we've got a nice long spring weekend! Friday looks like being a nice sunny day at the moment before the bank holiday rain moves in for the weekend. Weather permitting, we're hoping to take the dogs to the coast, it will be Lolly's first time and we're hoping he likes the sea a little bit more than Lucy.

Yesterday morning I opened the door for them both to go out and while Lolly shot out, Lucy just stood there because there had been a few drops of rain overnight and didn't want to get her feet wet! If Lolly does like the sea, I think we'll get a dingy for Lucy so Debbie and I can pull her along behind us through the rock pools!

Our mortgage is in place now ready to roll as soon as we sell our place but there's no news on that front yet, I'm thinking of tying balloons and flags to the 'for sale' sign over the bank holiday weekend to get us noticed!


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Thanks For Linking!

A big thank you to Jossblog for linking to us

Shopping & Painting

The plans for doing a few bit on the house went out of the window on Saturday with us pining for some serious shopping, so off we went into town for the first time in ages. Debbie got some new trousers for hew new job and I got a mono pod for my camera for those long distance close ups that always turn out blurred. We also got a couple of new game for the playstation, Crash Nitro Kart and Sonic Mega Collection.

By the time we got home we just had an hour to chill before we were back in town collecting a KFC bucket and three DVD's, Ladies In Lavender, The Incredibles and Finding Neverland.

On Sunday we went out to get some new blinds for the living room but couldn't find the right colour so we ended up putting the old ones up, washed and ironed We got the kitchen ceiling painted which just leaves a few ten minute jobs that we can fit in anytime. We relaxed in the afternoon watching Ladies In Lavender then after tea had a couple of hours on the Playstation, something we've not done for over a year. The gaming stopped just in time to watch a new drama, Diamond Geezer which we really enjoyed.

Monday saw Debbie starting her new job which she'll tell you all about in her diary soon, I can tell you her first day went great but we didn't have to take a ride to Meadowhall last night for a shoe shopping session, it wasn't too bad and she quickly found something suitable, I even got some myself, exactly the same as my old ones!


Monday, March 21, 2005

Friday, March 18, 2005


At long last Friday is here! With us having my Brother stay with us for three days and Debbie working her weeks notice before moving on to pastures new, it's certainly dragged a little and yesterday I could have swarn it was Friday.

It's not been easy over the last month or so with Debbie not feeling well but having to go for job interviews almost every night and then we've being under a fair amount of pressure to get our house ready to sell quickly so we don't loose out on the house we want.

Debbie's cold has flared up again which she's barley managed to shake off since January but we've still got loads of jobs to do on the house this weekend to improve our chances of selling so we're just going to have to soldier on and hopefully have time for some much needed relaxation.