Monday, March 14, 2005

A Very Long Weekend

It seems like it's been a very long weekend, on Friday the carpet fitters came and saw to the bathroom and the stairs which now look great with new blue carpet. We just got the tidying up done in time for the start for Red Nose Day evening show. We danced and giggled through the night and struggled out of bed the next morning with Debbie having to go to work.

I had two trips to the tip and got the back yard sorted out on Saturday morning then when Debbie got home we went to see what will hopefully be our new house. It looked even better in the daylight, despite being surrounded by other houses, the view from the windows is amazing, looking out on to the Pennines and there was even snow hanging on up there! The vendor is a really nice chap and has said again that he's willing to wait for us as long as we definitely want the house, which we do! We had a good look at the garden, it needs some work but it's got so much potential and even has a big tree at the far end, ideal for hanging bird feeders!

A little bit of shopping followed before chilling out for the rest of the day and getting stuff ready for Sunday. In the morning we were up at 6.30am to go to Crufts! The size of the event was amazing with the main arena you see on the telly taking up just one corner of one of the halls. We had a good walk round all of the stands and saw all the dogs but as we went into the afternoon the crowds got ridiculous and it just wasn't worth the effort to try and move anywhere. By 3pm we'd had enough and were ready for home but had to wait for friends who just couldn't get enough, it was 4.30pm before we left and we didn't get home until 6.30pm and we were absolutely shattered. We managed to get a few photos which we'll try and post tonight.

I rang Dad to say we were home so he could drop off my little Brother who is staying with us while Dad has a break from the awful time he's having at the moment. We're soldiering on this morning and tonight we've got our first viewing of hour house so it will be all hands to the deck yet again, roll on summer!


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