Thursday, March 24, 2005

How Do You Eat Yours?

Thank crunchie it's F....Thursday! Or maybe that should be, thank Cadbury's cream egg, it's Easter weekend, the first bank holiday of the year and boy do we need a break!

We took Lucy and Lolly out for a walk last night and it's noticeable that Lolly's very reserved when he's outside the safety of his home, he'll stretch the flexi-lead to it's limit then come back to us and walk behind us for a while before venturing forward again to see what Lucy is up to. Inside the house, he's a different dog altogether and doesn't poor old Lucy know it!

This morning he's been racing round like a nutter with a soft in his mouth with Lucy giving chase wanting it back. We do have to calm him down every so often when he starts nipping Lucy's legs because he can't get something off her but on the whole all this exercise is doing Lucy the world of good. Maybe we should chase them both round and round then sofa to shed a few pounds too.......cue Benny Hill music.....err..maybe not!


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