Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Oh What A Nght!

Harvey has got a slight case of kennel cough at the moment so I went to the chemist to get some children's cough syrup to sooth it a little. I think this was the first time the lady in the chemist had been asked for cough syrup suitable for a dog and she was a bit unsure at first and then saw the funny side. There was also another customer waiting and he said, "you need Tixylix", he'd given it to his dog to combat kennel cough. So Tixylix it was and then the lady said, "is it for a chesty cough?". How I didn't crack up laughing then I don't know, I just said " yeah, sounds a bit chesty, that one will do". Harvey got his first dose at lunch time and by the time I got home at tea time he was hardly coughing or sneezing at all.

The kids were trashing the old shop again, I'd been home about 5 minutes and then went outside with the dogs and noticed smoke coming from the old shop area, I thought at first the it might be a fire from someone's garden but then I heard the sirens getting closer and closer. I got the dogs back in, grabbed the camera and ran upstairs to see what was going on. The old shop was on fire and a fire engine was just pulling up at the gates which were locked, figures, secure enough to keep the fire engine out but not nearly secure enough to keep the kids out. They got through in a matter of seconds, out came the hose and they got started on putting out the fire, while the kids stood around clapping and laughing. I wonder if it would have been so funny if one of them had been trapped inside? A few moments later a second fire engine arrived and another team of firemen jumped out ready for action. At one point the bushes behind the shop caught fire and it could easily have spread very quickly across the land behind the houses, if the firemen hadn't arrived when they did, it could have been a whole lot worse and a very real danger to life. After about an hour, the second fire engine left, leaving the remaining team to finish of extinguishing the fire, it took another hour before the smoke died down.

The police were on the main road directing the traffic over the ramps covering the hose that was laid across the road. I would have though that, having called them on Sunday, they might have called to see I'd seen anything but they were quite content waving their arms about in the middle of the road while all the kids sat on our wall taking in the evenings entertainment.

The guys at South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service did a fantastic job, and it's reassuring to know they are only round the corner, just in case these half wits come back and do it again.


Tuesday, June 29, 2004 put out the fire. Posted by Hello

......and spring into action.... Posted by Hello

The firemen come to the rescue....... Posted by Hello

News Flash! Live at the old shop this evening......... Posted by Hello

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Here is a close up of our new addition, Harvey! Posted by Hello

Getting Along

Lucy and Harvey are getting along like a house on fire :-) We've tried introducing a friend for Lucy before but because she is so timid we've always had problems with Lucy being pushed out or snapped at so we had all but given up hope of finding another dog that was just a timid as Lucy and wouldn't result in fighting over toys and food etc. Harvey has been a star, he's never snapped at Lucy, he's very timid, more so than Lucy which is a good thing as Lucy is still top dog but she won't take advantage of that and would never be nasty towards Harvey. They've been racing round playing together and giving them a chewstick each hasn't been a problem, they just sit down and eat their own, although we know if Harvey walks off and leaves his, Lucy would be on it in a second! Harvey is booked in at the Vet's on Saturday for his final for vaccination and a checkup, we'll also take their advice on when to book him in for neutering.

We watched Big Brother last night, we've not bothered with it over the weekend as was getting a bit boring to be honest, but the introduction of Becky should shake things up a little and we'll be tuning in again tonight. We also managed to keep off the gin and bicardi, Debbie likes a drink with dinner and I like several after dinner so we've decided to give it up during the week and last night we were on Vimto and Robinsons Summer Fruits. I think I just get thirsty in the evenings, I had more than four pints of juice.

Rant warning! .......The kids were back on the roof of the old shop across the way when I got home from work yesterday, they were also inside and trashing the place, window after window was being smashed. I didn't bother phoning the police again, what's the point, if they did catch them, they can't really do anything. It's not really the kids that are making my angry, yes they shouldn't be there but it's the contractors who are working on clearing the site to make way for houses that need a kick up the arse. They must have known yesterday morning that kids had been overnight on Sunday and yet have not made the building secure which I think is just plain irresponsible. Rant over now before I start turning into Victor Meldrew and end up getting buried in the back garden up to my neck!


Monday, June 28, 2004

Today's Good Reads

Today while munching on a corned beef sarnie, I've been reading about some unlucky swallow's at Gemmak and getting the latest on the allotment at Divine Tigs.

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Up On The Roof

We never managed to watch The Missing last night, we had problems with kids on the roof and inside a shop that closed down two weeks ago. It's behind our house and they were throwing things off the roof which could have easily ended up in our garden. We stood at the bathroom window and when they saw us they ran off. I called the police because the building needed to be made secure. It took about half an hour to get through and they said they couldn't do anything about making it secure as they don't know who the new owners are but asked me to call back if the kids went inside again. We were just about to put the film back on when we heard them shouting outside again, so I looked out the of the bathroom window to find them back inside the building. So I phoned the police back as requested and had to wait another half an hour to speak to someone, obviously they'd gone by then but left the lights on. This time they said they'd send a patrol car round when one was free. By this time it was getting late so we abandoned the film and went to bed.

Harvey was up bright and early this morning, both he and Lucy were a bit more energetic after sleeping most of yesterday afternoon/evening. Harvey is getting used to the cats now and Toddy is walking about the house without his back up and is back to terrorising the window blinds. Misty's just not bothered and sits there looking mean, Harvey seems to know to keep out his way.


Sunday, June 27, 2004

EARLY DAYS.......We came across this piccie tonite while we was having a sort out, think toddy is winning this Posted by Hello

very unusual tree!! Posted by Hello

Yum Yum, give me more bread! Posted by Hello

Lucy and Harvey having a nosey! Posted by Hello

Down by the lake! Posted by Hello

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After a very tiring week, I ended up in tears by the time I got home from work on friday, Paul as usual was there with a big smile and even big hug for me, make it all worth while coming home

Friday evening we watched Vanessa get evicted from the Big Brother House and all the audiance was booing her, not very nice really....

Saturday we had a ride to Manchester Dogs Home which is about 80 miles away, after getting lost we finally found it and had to wait in the car for half hour till it opened, we had a good look around and thought as usual there is nothing to suit us, then to our amazment in the very last kennel, there he was a scruffy ickle Jack Russell, we asked one of the kennel staff about him and she asked if we had another dog, we replied YES and she said they would not let us take him until they had met each other, so we had to drive all the way back home and pick Lucy up and then drove back again behind a very slow Lorry, just making it back at the kennels in time before they closed...phew...

We have name our new family member HARVEY and he is really getting on well with Lucy but a ickle warey with the cats!!

On the Way home we called at Blockbuster to get some dvd's, Paul came out empty handed as they had none of the three films we wanted!!

While I gave Harvey a bath to get rid of the smell of kennels, Paul went off to Choices to see if they had the films there, we ended up watching The Haunted Mansion and the other film we got we will be watching this afternoon is The Missing.

Today we have been for a walk at Fairburn Ings it was lovely, we walked for miles and fed the swans, geese and ducks a full loaf of bread (piccies above).

Its now chill time with a nice cuppa and the DVD we did not manage to watch last nite due to too many Gin n Tonics and a very hetic

Later Aligators...


Friday, June 25, 2004

Todays Good Reads

While trying to eat an enormous ham and cheese buttie I found that Demob Happy Teacher has a rather good idea for combatting traffic congestion and after only getting glimpses of the footie last night, got the full rundown from News & Musings.

Bed Time

The new bed arrived yesterday and surprisingly I managed to get it home in my small car. It was really heavy and by the time I'd got it upstairs I needed some oxygen, there was none to hand so I had gin and lemonade instead. I knew we were in for a long night when I pulled out the instructions to find about 20 pages of diagrams. Nothing was numbered or anything, we had to identify each piece by the size, number and position of holes on each side so we kept getting the bits mixed up. Once we'd got the base done, the rest wasn't too bad, especially with the electric screwdriver for all those screws. It took us about 2 hours to complete, by which time Debbie was shattered and just wanted to get in the thing and get some sleep. We finished just in time for the penalty shoot out, there was no point in watching it, England + Penalties = The End, so we turned over and watched Big Brother instead.

I phoned Dad later to wish him a happy birthday and to make sure he'd not drunk all that whisky so I can have a sample when we're next over. He confirmed that England had lost on penalties....again, even Beckham missed, I think Mr Goldenballs is going to have to be downgraded to Mr Bronzeballs. It's time to chuck all your flags away, unless your from Yorkshire like me and you'll be putting them in the loft ready for the world cup.


Thursday, June 24, 2004


Last night we went to get Dad his birthday present, a very nice bottle of Isle of Jura whisky and a flashy purple gift bag to put it in. We arrived at Dads house and I reluctantly handed it over. I've never tried this one before so I think we should go and get another bottle some time soon. We're looking forward to sampling a few whiskies when we visit Scotland later this year and I dare say there will be a bottle or three coming back with us. I think we'll be trying quite a few different tipples when we do our first booze run next year, it's bonkers really, all this scotch gets exported to Europe and then we have to go fetch it back again.

The secret of the collapsing bed incident it out....I'm waiting for the new bed to arrive here today, there was obviously a fault with the old one, probably the fact that we bought it from MFI, we should have known better. Bits have been falling off it for months now. I should really have fixed it ages ago but as with so many things, I never got round to it and on Sunday I finally disappeared through the creaking struts. So it will be a bit of a race tonight to get the new bed home and start building while we watch the footie.


Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Beached Whale!!

On Sunday nite, Paul decided to launch himself onto our bed, what a mistake! There was this loud crunching sound and next the bed collasped under the weight of a BEER BELLY the size of a

Luckily we had the Argos catalogue was to hand and much to my surprise was still open and taking orders at 9.30pm, I pick which one we like and it was ordered within five mins....

It has to be delivered to Pauls work tomorrow so he will be watching the fottie upstairs while making our new bed up, lets hope he does not do it

Only one more nite of sleeping on a matress on the floor, mind you we have had the best sleep in ages over the past few nites.....

its always an adventure of somekind or another in this

Till nest time around..


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Chinese Mushrooms

I was a bit late getting the pots done and everything yesterday so we sacked making any dinner and opted for the Chinese option, Chinese mushrooms with pork and chicken, very tasty indeed, but still not as good as our usual special fried rice.

We watched Eastenders to see what this "disaster" was all about, and true to form, it happened 10 seconds from the end so we'll have to tune in next time to see who was caught out by that crumpling dragon. Dragons in Eastenders, honestly, it's amazing what they'll do for ratings these days. Big Brother was a bit on the boring side, we're fed of watching Jason groping Vanessa at any opportunity, although it was funny watching Nadia being teased about the operation. I just caught news of another bust up in the house on the breakfast show and after checking the web site, it appears that Vanessa has had a row with Jason, maybe she's come to her senses, it's about time!


Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Todays Good Read

Today I've been munching on a chicken tika sarnie while reading about how Lovely Leza has been suffering from too much sun.

That must be why I've not been able to keep a flag on my car for more than a couple of days, they keep coming off because I'm a brilliant driver....... maybe not Posted by Hello

Cheeky Boy

After a very long first day back at work we managed to stay awake long enough to catch the footie and Big Brother. Well, I watched the footie, Debbie's not at all interested in grown men chasing a ball up and down a field. At least it was up and down the field last night and not 10 yards outside our penalty area for 90% of the match. I think Debbie is becoming a secret Big Brother fan, I don't have to ask to change channels at anymore, she wants to see what they've been up to as much as I do. We're hoping Vanessa goes this week and Jason the week after. Ahmed should probably go as well, every time the show comes on, the opening line is .....Ahmed is alone in the garden...... If they replaced him with a gnome overnight, would anyone notice?

Zippy's just about learnt a new word ... "cheeky". It's almost there, I think he needs a few more days to perfect it. I think he's trying "cheeky boy" as well but that might take at bit more time. Now he's picking things up, we're going to have to be a bit careful with what we say, especially when the cats are mucking about with the window blinds as it's not something you want repeated when you have visitors.


Monday, June 21, 2004

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Back To Work

Yesterday we went over to see Dad to take his Fathers Day card and goodies and called in at the supermarket on the way home for a few bits and pieces. When we got back home, Misty and Toddy were both sat in the corner of the kitchen together and didn't come to investigate the shopping as they usually do, very strange. They must have been fast asleep and just woken up, they were both back to normal after a few minutes. Despite our best efforts to stay awake after lunch, we both fell asleep in the afternoon catching up on some zzzz's after a busy week. After dinner, we watched the Booze Cruise, a TV comedy drama which has been on before but we missed it the first time around, it was as entertaining as we'd hoped and we're looking forward to the new one later this year.

So it's back to work today and time to starting counting down to our next holiday in ten weeks time, but between now an then, we've got the great British summer and lots of day trips out at the weekends.


Saturday, June 19, 2004

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Plane spotting. Posted by Hello

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