Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Chinese Mushrooms

I was a bit late getting the pots done and everything yesterday so we sacked making any dinner and opted for the Chinese option, Chinese mushrooms with pork and chicken, very tasty indeed, but still not as good as our usual special fried rice.

We watched Eastenders to see what this "disaster" was all about, and true to form, it happened 10 seconds from the end so we'll have to tune in next time to see who was caught out by that crumpling dragon. Dragons in Eastenders, honestly, it's amazing what they'll do for ratings these days. Big Brother was a bit on the boring side, we're fed of watching Jason groping Vanessa at any opportunity, although it was funny watching Nadia being teased about the operation. I just caught news of another bust up in the house on the breakfast show and after checking the web site, it appears that Vanessa has had a row with Jason, maybe she's come to her senses, it's about time!


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