Sunday, June 13, 2004

New Car

Despite my valliant attempts to drink enough booze on Friday night to remian unconcious the whole of Saturday, I still woke up and we still had to go look at new cars for Debbie. We had a look at a Honda Jazz first, it looked cool enough and and Debbie gave it a test drive to make sure. We were both pleased all round with it but decided to look elsewhere before comitting.

Next stop was Toyota and there in the forecort was the new Yaris Blue which looked a cracking little car and more than a little sexy looking. We took it out for a test drive and noticed the smart interior, CD player, leather clad steering and geal knob. By the time we got back, Debbie wanted to know where to sign, but we had to wait while the salesman got to the end of his performance.

So we signed up and to my amazment, given the option of picking it up on Wednesday or Friday, Debbie said I stepped in a proposed that Wednesday would be better becuase I couldn't wait to have a drive in it. I couldn't on Saturday because I was still about 10 times over the limit. So we are going to pick up Debbie's new car on Wednesday.

I'll add a photo of this sexy beast shortly.


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