Sunday, June 13, 2004


Today we've been to Cayton Bay on the east coast with Lucy. Setting off early, we didn't hit much traffic and got there in good time before it got busy. It's a while since we've been and I swear that path on the cliffs gets steeper every time we go. We went without our new beach shelter which was a bugger because once you've absailed down to the beach, there is no escaping the sun. If I had remembered it we could have set up camp down there for a good few hours. Instead we walked from one end of the beach to the other, exploring all the rock pools along the way. We even managed to coax Lucy into swimming a few meters, she's not keen on water at all. She was a star all day, only running off once, and even then it wasn't far.

I tried flying the power kite but there wasn't quite enough wind, we got it in the air but it wouldn't stay there. Eventualy we made our way back up the cliffs and could have done with some oxygen when we got the top but we had to settle for a cup of coffee.

After a couple of butties, onwards we went to Whitby parking on the east cliff for a change to avoid the crowds on the west cliff. It does seem better parking up there and the alternative steps from the car park don't seem nearly as bad as the 199 steps from the Abbey itself.

We only spent an hour there, the highlights being seeing the Endeavor, a nice horse and a marvelous South American band playing on the pier. We really do like the sound of this music and will be looking around for some cd's soon. They we're selling their own cd's from a suitcase but at £12 each, I think they were having a laugh, maybe it's because I'm from Yorkshire and have combination lock on my wallet.

The ride home wasn't as easy as we had hoped, our plan to set off back early afternoon to avoid the traffic back fired as everyone else was doing the same to get back for the footie match tonight. Now were back home and both a lovey strawberry colour, after sun lotion has been applied to the out side and alcohol is now being applied to the inside.


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