Sunday, May 27, 2007


Sorry for the lack of post! It's been a bit of a sad time at the mo, we lost Grandma who is now resting with Grandad and causing havock up there sorting out our guardian angels.......

We just had a week off work and got some much needed jobs done around the house, the bathroom has been redesigned and is looking pretty good, all we need to do in there is pick a suitable floor covering to which we can not make our minds up at all, so hence its bare floorboards, I have acheived something that I thought I would never do and that is tiling part of the bathroom!

We spent a day at Flamingo Land and got burnt to a crisp, the rides were fantastic and even Paulie went on all the fast ones (this aint the norm), but all in all it was fantastic and just what we needed, we giggled all day and came home on a very high.

Thursday was my 36th birthday (boy Im feeling old), we had an appointment at the hospital to see the professor, who was chuffed with how much weight Ive lost and Im now off the tablets but sticking with my change of life, Im not going back to the old Debbie!!

Friday was a day of shopping making sure we had everything for our BBQ on Saturday.

Saturday was a pure delight, I woke up and Paulie had booked me a surprise, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at the cinema, after a chill it was back home to arrange the seating plan and get all the fatty food on the BBQ (Hence I had my food set to one side no FAT in mine Please).

My twin brother Mark and his girlfriend Kath arrived and so did my sister Tracy and her husband Ray, next was Paulie's Dad and his brother David then some very close friends Lisa & Dan with their two Children Beth & Charlie (Our adopted niece & Nephew) and last another close friend Claire with her husband Alec & son James!

We even had a birthday cake and candles to blow out, all in all it was a fantastic night and too much Champagne and no food does wonders for a Sunday wake up!!

Debbie .x.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Fascinated that you were a welder during World War II, making aeroplane wings for Spitfires, treasuring the memories of those week long summer stay overs when I was growing up and having a chuckle thinking back to how animated you got during grappling time on Saturday afternoons.

Grandma, we'll miss you...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Tropical World

After a day's cruising up the coast road on Saturday, yesterday we did a little more work on the house, getting the cladding up around the staircase followed by an afternoon chilling.

Today we've been to visit Tropical World near Roundhay Park, Leeds. We had high hopes following a visit a few years ago, sadly though, the only thing they had an abundance of today was screaming kids. The butterflies and birds must have gone into hiding to avoid all the commotion, they seemed to be very thin on the ground whereas last time they place was alive everywhere you looked.

Although the lack of bird and insect life was disappointing, the spectacular show of tropical plants and flowers more than made up for it, keeping us busy with the shutter and keeping our minds off the little terrors all around us.

Tropical World

Tropical World

Tropical World

Tropical World

Tropical World

Tropical World

Tropical World

Tropical World

Tropical World

A little bit of therapeutic shopping followed at Castleford before returning home, mowing the lawn and trying to find out why Lucy is obsessed with sticking her head in our dry stone wall!


Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Day On The East Coast

We went for a day out on the East coast yesterday. We started at Bridlington, the least said about that the better. Next stop was Filey which we love and finally, Cayton Bay which we had pretty much to ourselves!

Black & White Seaweed


It was cloudy and a little on the chilly side all day, until that is, we set off home and the sun came out, typical!


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another Milestone!

Just managed to catch the moment when our counter ticked over to the next big one...

Our fifty thousandth visitor was someone on the lookout for a smiley flower, the nearest proper visit was from Borders Birds, closely followed by Yorkshire Soul.

Check back in 2011 to see if hit a hundred thousand!


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Walking With Bluebells

Pictures from our last few days walking in the woods...


Bluebells & Trees

Blue & White


Bluebells In The Wood

Tree Stump


Debbie Just Clicks & Goes

It's been a whole week since we last posted, we've just been too busy walking to get any pictures uploaded. We did try this morning but it all went Pete Tong in the rush, we'll have to try again tonight if we get chance.

Debbie got an early Birthday present at the weekend, with the Panasonic FZ7 proving to be somewhat of a disappointment, we've gone back to a tried and trusted Nikon and the one Debbie chose, in about 0.04 seconds was a P5000 which does just about anything you would ever want.

I was worried that having just jumped in and picked this one without trying it out, this too might be too cumbersome to operate but my fears were unfounded. We've taken it walkies a couple of times now and it's superb for Debbie's point, click and go style of photography. It's got all the preset modes you would ever need for point and click as well as all the manual functions I've got on my chunky Nikon D50. The pictures are pin sharp, the colours as fantastic and none of the photos are blurred, even though Debbie does hardly ever hold the camera with two hands, let alone use a tripod.

I'm going to give the Panasonic another go, it's had good write ups and I want to find out why the pictures we've got previously have been so dire. It would be handy for getting those shots of wildlife where 3.5x zoom sometimes isn't enough.