Monday, November 29, 2004

Nutty Hour

The cats don't seem to be bothering with the window quite as much now we've replaced the blinds with a net curtain, although Eric, during his early morning nutty hour has been racing round and launching himself into the curtain and threatening to pull the whole thing down.

It does look cool though with the dark blue curtain, it makes the room look warmer than it did with the ice blue blinds and it's going to look mega when we get all the Christmas decorations up in two weeks time.

Despite having a having chilled afternoon yesterday, we're both shattered this morning after staying up quite late watching Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back. That's the trouble with these long films, you put them on early evening and by the end it's way past bed time! It could have been worse, we could have put Dances With Wolves on then we'd still be watching now


Sunday, November 28, 2004

Worlds largest lawn mower! Posted by Hello

I thought I saw a puddy cat..... Posted by Hello

The pride taking time out from sleeping. Posted by Hello

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry! Posted by Hello

The deer looking as cute as ever. Posted by Hello

Watching The Pride

We had an unusually late night on Friday, with a few phone calls to make it was quite late when we decided to watch Elf. Debbie wasn’t sure about this one but it turned out to be quite a laugh.

With the late night we didn’t surface until 8.30am on Saturday and almost sacked a day out at Knowsley but we got ready quickly and were there by 11am. It was realy quiet there, just how we like it! The Lions were the stars of the day and with no traffic queues in the enclosure, we were able to spend a good 15 minutes watching the pride and taking some fantastic pictures.

On the way home we called in to see Debbie’s Sister and grab a much needed coffee. We called at the supermarket over there and I picked myself 7 bottles of proper beer, going with a bird theme, Old Speckled Hen and Osprey We stayed up late again and watched Love Actually which we both think is hilarious!

This morning we’ve been to see Dad, he’s looking well and was up at the crack of dawn as usual to go to the car boot bargain hunting for his antique shop. I’ve never got this antique thing, just looks like posh rubbish to me

On the way home we called into town and got some new net curtains and some lovely dark blue curtains for the living room. The cats were playing havoc with the blinds, Eric especially likes to go flying in to jump on Toddy.

After a top banana Sunday dinner, we’re chilling with a nice glass of wine before contemplating work again in the morning.


Friday, November 26, 2004

Bat Out Of Hell

With tea polished off quite early last night, Debbie suggested we go to Matalan at Parkgate, Rotherham especially as we had some money off vouchers from our last trip. We arrived and Debbie grabbed a trolley.... we never have a trolley there, just a basket, getting a trolley in a clothes shop means some serious shopping is about to start.

Debbie got loads more nice tops and a new pair of trainers, I got a couple of pairs of jeans, but the next size down to what I am currently, with the diet going so well. When we got to the checkout, the lady on the till pointed out the small print on the vouchers - to be used in December! Bugger!

When we got back home, we tried everything on, my jeans did fasten but only just, I've quite a way to go in just three weeks and it is a bit of a concern. So there I was, for half an hour, going like a bat out of hell on the exercise machine!

We did try looking at blog land later but either Blogger or Haloscan was having an off day and didn't want to come out to play so we switched the thing off and watched some telly instead. American Werewolf In London was just starting and despite being tired I ended up watching it to the end even though I have seen it about ten times before.

At last it's Crunchie Day and for the first time in a few weekends, our time is our own with no wedding plans left to sort out and no Christmas or any other kind of shopping required!


Thursday, November 25, 2004

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Springing Leaks

We let Zippy out of his cage last night for half an hour, the problem with this is that Lucy gets over exited, just sitting, laying, jumping and whining next to the cage the whole time. When it was time for Zippy to back in he was having none of it, sticking stubbornly to the outside of the cage while Debbie and I took it in turns to try and coax him back in. While this was gong Lucy was dancing around on the chair like a possessed puppy and when we told her off the inevitable happened, piddled all over the place. Sheesh!

So, we got that cleaned up, put Lucy in the kitchen and got Zippy back in the cage .... eventually. Then walking in to the kitchen to set the nutter on four legs free, Misty had decided that the litter facilities weren't up to scratch and took a leak next to the door. This time it was Debbie who was possessed, stomping off to the shop for a big bottle of disinfectant

After we got the place back in order and all the animals were chilling out, we managed to get on the computer for an hour or two. One of the things we've done is to sign up to Flickr so we can display some of the older pictures in the side bar. The ones showing at the moment are from our old Xanga site, our first attempt at a blog early last year. I will get around to adding some dates and descriptions to each photo ....honest


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Wandering Scales

Last night was one of those nights when the computer is just not destined to be switched on, instead we sat down and had a good read, not a good book or anything, that's going a bit too far Debbie read the TV magazine for next week along with the latest issues of two women's mags, while I read two photography magazines, looking at all the models ... of cameras obviously.

It was getting late and I think because we'd tried for the first time to do diet days in a row, eating only fruit and veg, we were both feeling it bit, not so much peckish but it was taking it's toll, so we raided the fridge! We're still going on with the diet, although we've changed the rules slightly so we're eating the same but the fruit and veg is spread out a bit more evenly.

We learned last night that you should always get weighed in the morning, we tried the scales in every corner of the house, getting a different weight every time, but all more than they should have been.

This morning, we nervously jumped on the scales to find we've both lost another 3 pounds, so that's almost a stone for each of us in 3 weeks!


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Late Night Boot Shopping

We were out of cat litter when I got home yesterday so in one movement, I had my coat off and back on again! They're going through two bags a week and we have to get the expensive stuff because Toddy won't entertain any of the cheap wood, clay or paper based stuff

In the post we got a flyer from Matalan which showed some nice tops at nice prices, so after tea we went down for a shufty. Debbie came back with two pairs of boots and three nice tops while I got a pair of gloves and a watch.

I've not been wearing a watch for ages, using the mobiles for the time instead. We were a bit stuck at the hospital at the weekend though with the mobiles off and only two hours on the car. Luckily there was a clock on the wall that Debbie could see from where she was sitting, the alternative was for me to try reading the time on the nurses fob watches as they walked past which could have lead to me being escorted out early

When we got back we had a quick look at blog land and then an even quicker look at the weather charts, I tend not to linger over them much if there's no snow in the offing. We had I'm A Celebrity on for all of 10 seconds, the titles a bit over the top now with the only people recognisable being the hosts Ant & Dec, I think now everyone has seen the show, only flagging ex celebs are prepared to give it a go, to try and re-launch their career.


Monday, November 22, 2004

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Another Long Weekend!

We watched Children In Need on Friday night, Debbie sensibly gave up the ghost before the end while idiot me stayed up until 2.30am and ended up having one too many beers in the process!

On Saturday morning, Debbie's sister and nice came over for the Bridesmaid's dress fitting, her husband came along too but stopped behind with me while they went to see the dress maker. It all went well and the dresses look fabulous, Debbies dress is going to steal the show though, we'll post lots of pictures after the big day :-)

On the way back they'd spotted a car on a forecourt so we all had to trundle back over there for a closer look. We were hoping to take them into town but they had problems with the car so when we got back from car place they set off back home. We nipped into town for a few bit and pieces, including the elusive white tights that Debbie's been looking for everywhere over the last few months but I'm now happy to report that we found some!

For tea we popped out to KFC for a huge box of chicken and by the time we'd got back and polished it off, we could hardly move.... I love this diet! As soon as I felt able to get of the sofa, we put on a new film, Around The World in 80 Days starring Steve Coogan and Jackie Chan with a whole host of other stars popping up all over the place. We're not huge Steve Coogan fans but we thoroughly enjoyed the film with Jackie Chan being as funny as ever.

On Sunday after calling at the supermarket for a trolley full of vegetables, we went to see Dad, he's managed to get us a load of glasses for our toast at the wedding. They'll all need washing and I'm guessing I'll have to be supervised on this one or limited to drying as glasses seem to have a habit of flying out of my hands when I'm at the kitchen sink

After dropping the rattling glasses off back home, we set off to the hospital to see Grandma, Debbie got her a balloon on the way in while I cased the joint, seeing if would could escape with that bottle of helium Grandma was in good spirits and is having the nurses in hysterics as well as keeping the nurses on their toes She's looking better now than she did when she went in and that morning had been for a little walk to the window and back so it's looking good for a speedy recovery.

We were both exhausted when we got back so I popped round to the Chinese while Debbie got some drinks on the go before we sat down to watch a film on telly, the title of which I've forgotten as always but it was about a boy who looses his Farther and enters a dog sledge race across the snow and ice. It was a fantastic film and literally had Debbie on the edge of her seat when they approached the finish line.

Back to work now for five long days before another fun filled but hopefully not as tiring weekend.


Friday, November 19, 2004

Waking up with the snow this morning! Posted by Hello

There's Snow On Them There Hills!

Well, what an exiting and busy night we had! Debbie called me from Sheffield to say that the rain had turned to snow there, I had to wait nearly another hour before it turned to snow here just before home time. The drive home was amazing with the snowflakes driving down through the headlight beam. It's years since we've had snow like this in November and we're both hoping that it's a good omen for the coming winter.

After tea we went over to the pub that's running the bar for our wedding, the roads were getting worse but still passable if you didn't drive like a lunatic and trust me, there were some about last night. We've got every sorted out now, Debbie's quantro and I've got a three barrels of beer although I might just have to share those with everyone else!

Setting off back we took a detour and headed along the Stocksbridge bypass going towards Woodhead over the Pennines but we soon turned back, the roads were getting worse it wasn't really worth it to take pictures in the dark. Instead we went to the car park outside the church where we are to be married in 28 days time and took some pictures of the trees and bushes heavily laden with snow.

The snow stopped falling at about 8pm as the skies cleared to allow the temperature to drop even further. This morning it was -1.6c (chuffin freezing) when we got up and everything was frozen, including the wipers to the windscreen which were a bugger to sort out!


Thursday, November 18, 2004

There be snow on them there branches! Posted by Hello

A Lovley snowy surprise in Yorkshire! Posted by Hello

Oh So Tired

I set up the exercise machine last night, up until now, the most exercise I've got from it is carrying it up and down stairs We both had 10 minutes on the thing and our legs were all over the place when we got off

We started watching Star Wars - A New Hope and Debbie finished off the tigers scratchy foil thingy, we were both too tired to watch it all, so went upstairs to watch The Mummy Returns on telly and when that stopped for the news, I just about managed to stay awake for the weather forecast, then I was out like a light!

This morning we overlaid for the first time in ages, no time for breakfast or a leisurely cuppa, running around like maniacs and just managing to get out of the door in time. Hopefully the extra sleep will stand us in good stead if we have a long night watching the lamp post outside for snow!


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Call Centre

It was like a call centre in our house last night, with a long list of calls that I needed to make. First call was my Dad, he's doing OK and Grandma had the operation yesterday, she's doing well but will be in intensive care for a while with a nurse watching over her 24/7. It's huge relief that it's gone well and we can't wait to see her at the weekend :-)

Next I called my Brother for a quick chat and then moved on to the wedding preparations, calling first the caterers to make sure I could pick up the table cloths the day before he wedding. With that sorted next was the pub that are running the bar, there are few details to sort out here so we've arranged to go over there to discuss the arrangements.

Debbie called the lady who was doing the cake and that's coming along nicely :-) Next I called the lady of the hall to see if we could sort out some helium but she had gone AWOL so I'll try here again tonight. Last on the list was the place we are staying in Scotland, but that was on answer phone so I'll call them at some point today, just to make sure everything's cushty.

Later on after our call centre closed for business, our friend came over to see us, he's off to Belgium next week and he's been kind enough to fetch us back some baccie and a few bottles of the hard stuff :-) We're going to end up with more booze in our Christmas box than they've got down at the off-licence lmao!

This morning we were both sat watching the telly when the weather forecast came on, it's looking like snow for some areas tomorrow but I think for round here it's only going to be the higher places, we'll see, the forecast has been know to be wrong on the odd occasion ;-)


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

On Edge

Debbie did the shopping yesterday at lunch time and it cost much less than it usually does at our normal supermarket, so I think we'll be going there in future. We had a buffet style tea which we love doing, just pulling a load of stuff out of the fridge and tucking in.

After tea Debbie had a quick go at Spyro on the playstation, the cursing soon started so she had to chill out by starting another scraperfoil The dolphin one she did on Sunday looks fantastic and this tiger one looks like it's going to be mega too! I spent an hour long five minutes checking the weather forecasts and weather charts looking for snow

My Brother was supposed to be calling me last night after going to see Dad and letting me know how things were going with our dippy younger Brother but I never got the call so we're a little on edge this morning not knowing how things are going. I'll be speaking to Dad tonight to find out how Grandma is after her operation on her hip today and hopefully will hear that all is well.


Monday, November 15, 2004

Highs & Lows

Buckle up for a long post about a very long roller coaster weekend!

On Saturday morning we were up early for a visit to the dress maker in time for Debbie's first fitting and the unfinished wedding dress looks absolutely gorgeous! It's nothing like I've ever seen before and I'm sure jaws will be dropping as she glides down the isle!

From there we had a ride into Doncaster to a new store called The Range which sells more or less everything but has a huge selection of artist materials from paint to rubber stamps. We got a pack of scraper foil thingys and yet more Christmas presents.

After getting over the shock of the bill, we'd bought more than we thought, we headed back to Argos for a spiral hot brush for Debbie then back to Barnsley to pick up tickets for the cinema. By the time we got home, we had just an hour to get ready for a night out.

We caught the bus in to town and headed straight for the cinema, for the second time in three years! Bridget Jones was fantastic, especially the skiing and any scene with Hugh Grant in it

I'd booked us in at Pinochios's Italian restaurant for 8pm so with the film finishing at 7.50pm we had to hoof it to the other side of town for a much needed drink. The meal was fabulous, Debbie had posh chicken and I had posh steak with a not so posh bacardi and coke and a pint of John Smiths.

After standing at the bus stop for ten minutes in the freezing cold, we gave up on the bus and called for a taxi. We got home, sat down with a bacardi & coke and switched on the telly, to our surprise, the first Bridget Jones was on So we watched that until the end and then retired for the night, exhausted after a very full day.

Sunday morning, Debbie was all for doing nothing but I insisted we needed to go out and get a few bit and pieces. Before going anywhere Debbie cracked on with the table decorations, attaching the ribbons for the balloons and spraying them with gold glitter while I blitzed the kitchen.

After a bit of dinner Debbie, under protest, agreed to go to the supermarket, we ended up getting a more bottles of the strong stuff for Christmas and some bit's for tonight's tea. We also bought Sonic and Spyro for the Playstation, the first games we've bought in about two years Debbie also treated me to the new Star Wars DVD box set which I can't wait to watch!

Getting back home, we got everything unpacked and settled down on the sofa when Debbie thought we should check if anyone had phoned while we were out, they never do but I checked anyway and to my surprise there had been a call from my Dad an hour earlier.

I called back and was shocked beyond belief to hear my youngest Brother (20) answer the phone. I'd better explain that he's supposed to be in Durham having gone back there, against our wishes and after two failed attempts at University there. Anyway, he said that Dad had gone to A & E with a septic finger.

Now my Dad is feeling really low at the moment, he's not well and could well do without any of this. We got in the car and headed off to the hospital which is only 10 minutes away. We found Dad, he seemed fairly up-beat, more concerned about not being able to go fishing than anything

I rode in the car with Dad back to his house while Debbie followed on behind so I could find out what had gone on. I can't go into too much detail but it transpires that Dad got a phone call five minutes after arriving at Grandma's yesterday (who herself is going into hospital for surgery today), the call was from Durham hospital, can he come and pick up his son. Like I say, I can't say too much here but this is the third time he's pulled this stunt and it's not fair on his family, most of all Dad who is now as low as I've ever seen him just at the time when he needs to be there for Grandma and his Sister.

It's going to be one long and emotional journey through the next few days. With only 32 days until our wedding, neither of us got much sleep last night, laying awake thinking how we're going to get through this week, whatever highs and lows it may bring.


Friday, November 12, 2004


The supermarket beckoned again last night, this time for Christmas presents, we spotted a bargain on Tuesday and didn't want to miss out, in fact they were so cheap, we got three! I can't say what they are because the lucky recipients might drop in here from time to time.

We had an embarrassing moment on the way out, just going through the door we set the alarm off and over trotted a security guard... He was very apologetic as he danced in and out of the doors with the three packages one at a time! Two were doing the ping thing and one was OK, so he escorted us to the service desk to give the offending packages a good rub on the de-pinger. We finally made our way out, ping free into the darkness to find the car.

Back home, I got to work sorting out the TV aerial having picked up an extension lead at lunch time. The picture was shocking on normal telly and when I switched on the freeview box, the signal strength was next to nothing, yet all the channels worked fine, that'll do for me!

We settled down with a bacardi & coke, as usual, and checked out blog land with our new Christmas CD playing in the background, it's a collection of old classics by even older crooners, many of which I've never heard off, but the tunes still sound great.


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Musical Sofas

On Tuesday Debbie said that we should change the living room around on Wednesday night, I wasn't all for it to be honest because I knew that the TV would end up at the other side of the room, miles away from the aerial cable.

Arriving home last night, Debbie was already in full swing, with Zippy in a bit of a flap about being relocated and Lucy in a bit of a flap, because that's what she does Anyway, we got stuck in and I got that carried away, I fetched the smaller computer desk from upstairs to make more room for the sofa, that wasn't so bad, trying to get the big desk back upstairs was a bit of a challenge!

Lucy was into everything all night, while I was i the kitchen, I heard the bowl of silver pebbles scatter over the floor and I could hear the air turning blue as Lucy skulked into the kitchen. Toddy just kept out of the way but we did have to move Misty along a couple of time because he just plonks himself down where he likes. Eric was just a blur all night, making his cute 'eeeeoww' sound has he whizzed past

When we got finished, the room looked bigger and just a little bit tidier with all the rubbish gone, mostly junk mail stuffed into drawers or piled up on any available surface. I had to get the portable ariel from upstairs so we could watch some telly, it's not brilliant, most of the channels won't work with it so I'm off in to town today to get an extension for the outside TV aerial.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Card Reader

It felt a bit on the chilly side leaving work yesterday so I wasn't surprised to find the thermometer showing only 6c when I got home. Debbie had already made tea so we could get straight off to the supermarket for some bits and pieces, including a couple of bottles of loopy juice to save for Christmas.

On the way out I spotted PC World, it only opened this year so I keep forgetting it's there, anyway we popped in because we were on the lookout for a card reader for the cameras. With it being 10 minutes before closing we had four assistants sorting out which one we needed and it turned out to be cheaper than we were expecting. Making our way back to the till, this big security bloke jumps out and says "the tills are closing, please go to the till". Cheeky bugger, there was still 5 minutes to go so we revolted and wandered up and down some isles just to annoy him lmao!

Back at the ranch, a bacardi and coke was in order while we watched the new trailers for Star Wars III and also Bridget Jones - Edge Of Reason which we're hoping to see this weekend.

This morning it's still cold but we've still not had to scrape frost off the cars so far this Autumn, I think that might change over the coming weekend.... Winter here we come!


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

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Burning Sensation

Last night before tea we took Lucy for her first walk since before Bonfire night, Debbie suggested a different routine taking us out to the next village and back. We got as far as the motorway bridge and with the street lights in the distance it was looking a little dark, well pitch black to be honest. Thinking about how accident prone I've been lately, we decided to turn back, not risking me falling in a ditch or anything

While Debbie was sorting out the pizza, I was in charge of drinks and reached for a glass next to the kettle which was on for some reason, anyway I my hand caught the steam just for a slip second before I danced back across the kitchen to the cold water tap! My hand is nice shade of red now and matches the burn on my arm from the ironing incident last week!

We've ordered a couple of those pedometer things that Walker Crisps are giving away at the moment, it will be interesting to find out how far off the mark we are in relation to the number of steps we should be taking each day and we'll see who does the most running about at work during the day, although I think Debbie's going to win that one with me hardly getting of my chair all day.

This morning Gerry Halliwell was on GMTV and Debbie noticed I was paying more attention to the telly than normal and I noticed that someone was in a bit of a daydream five minutes earlier when Hugh Grant was on!


Monday, November 08, 2004

Eric, now 19 weeks old and for some reason, looking slightly stoned! Posted by Hello

Droopy Lucy

It's been another busy weekend, on Saturday we went into town for a few bits an pieces before heading off to the retail park at Castleford where we each got a ski jacket for our honeymoon in Scotland. With only 39 days to got to our wedding day, we're fast running out of weekends to sort things out, luckily, there isn't that much to do now. Debbie goes for her first fitting next Saturday and the bridesmaids the week after while I've got to wait until December to try my suit.

Saturday night we watched the last Saturday Night Take Away and then had a proper chuckle at Shrek 2, I love that cat On Sunday morning, Lucy was looking really down in the dumps. We took her to the car boot with us but with all the people there she kept dragging her heels all the way round and Debbie had to keep picking her up.

Leaving there, we went to Dads for a cuppa and Lucy was really clingy, wanting to sit on someone's knee the whole time. When she did eventually sit on the floor, we found out what the problem was, her eyes were going, the lids almost shutting and her head was lowering slowly towards the carpet, she was tired out!

Getting back home, Lucy slept for the whole afternoon while Debbie printed out some more Order Of Service sheets and I sorted out the washing. By tea time Lucy was back to her normal self, terrorising Zippy


Friday, November 05, 2004

Crunchie Day!

Not only is it Bonfire Night, it's Crunchie Day! Roll on home time!

Yesterday Debbie got a phone call from one of her ex work colleagues, not about how to post something or anything work related, but to tell her that she's pregnant. So after tea we went over to Sheffield to get all the latest news. We couldn't believe how many fireworks there were shooting up into the sky, it was still quiet at home, I don't think the police crackdown is working quite as well in steel city. We stopped for a cuppa and met their lovely dog for the first time, a huge Labrador/Collie cross.

Heading back home, the fireworks were still lighting up the skyline until we crossed back into Barnsley territory where all was calm and still, very spooky, the tight folk here must be holding on to their fireworks for tonight We had thought about getting a small box of non-banging fireworks for the back garden but it would cost the same as a large bottle of Bacardi, no contest!


Thursday, November 04, 2004

Dodging The Fireworks

After tea last night we decided to take Lucy for a walk round the block, it is quite close to bonfire night now but we've not really heard that many fireworks nearby so off we went. A couple did go off on our way round, but Lucy isn't that bothered by them at all, prefering to have a nosey in eveyones garden as we walk by

We watched British Isles, A Natural History, this week mostly about industry and how it's changed the face of the landscape. On the local spot was Ravenscar, which I've been to before as a child and apparently, they used to process urine there in days gone by. I've been paddling on that beach!

Debbie told me about something that's been in the news, I've not been able to find the story but apparently someone has tied a firework to a dog and set it off, I gather the dog is very badly burned. Searching the net for the story this morning, it sickened me to find that there are many other cases like this arround at the moment and what is even more sickening though is even if the b*****ds are caught, the punishment will hardly fit the crime. They should be burned at the steak.


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Walking The Corridors

We both left work early yesterday, Debbie had an appointment at the hospital and this time I was making sure I was going to be there. The car park was very busy but we still made it in plenty of time only to find that the registration desk had been moved to the other side of the hospital. When we got there, they had the details and then walked us back across the hospital to where we had just come from

The appointment was for 3.15pm and we got in there at about 4.45pm, not very good really. At least when we did get seen, the doctor was very nice and for the first time we thought we were getting somewhere :-)

We were in our own cars having gone straight from work and leaving the hospital I decided to take the short cut through town, not realizing it was 5.25pm and rush hour, Debbie did the sensible thing and made straight for the motorway and got home about 10 minutes before me

We managed to stay up quite late, well 10pm anyway We watched Eastenders, Holby City then Wife Swap where for the first time, that we've seen anyway, one of the couples split up after the programme.

This morning we're were ready in plenty of time, just about getting used to the new waking up time and getting more organized, well Debbie is, I'm still a walking zombie until I hit the cold air outside This week seems to be going quite quickly, lets just see how fast home time arrives today!


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Still Flagging

Arriving home, Debbie was already in full swing making todays tea, a lovely casserole :-) Last night we had sausage, egg and beans on toast, which was lovely!

Sometimes, when Misty decides Toddy needs telling off or Toddy decides Eric needs a telling off, whoever is on the receiving end will let out a squeal and Zippy has obviously been taking notice. When we're both in the kitchen, we'll hear this squealing and rush into the living room only to find all the cats chilled out in their favourite spots while Zippy has a chuckle at our expense!

We've still not shaken the effect of the extra hour, after watching Eastenders and Changing Rooms we called it a night and went to bed, I don't think we're going to be right until the weekend

Debbie had a good first day in her new job yesterday, the traffic was a bit on the heavy side with it being later but she still managed to get there in plenty of time. This morning we set off at the same time as yesterday, earlier than we were expecting with the reduced travelling but it's still almost an hour later than last week!


Monday, November 01, 2004

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New Month, New Wake Up Time

We've had a great weekend, on Saturday we went over to see my Grandma in Sheffield and went to a another wholesale warehouse, we got loads of stuff, much more than we were looking for I can't wait to get the Christmas decorations up now, we've got more lights than Blackpool lmao! When we got back to Grandma's we had some butties for dinner and Debbie and I were in stitches listening to the banter between my Grandma and Auntie who is more or less her full time carer. It must be hard work, Grandma keeps forgetting things and mixing things up which could be quite upsetting but she finds the whole thing so hilariously funny, we just can't help but laugh too.

On the way home we called at a retail park and picked up a Top Up TV, for 7.99 a month you get a few more TV channels in addition to the free ones we currently get. When we got home I stuck the card in the slot rang up and registered then tuned to the advised channel number and waited half an hour as instructed, changed to a new channel, waited 20 minutes, nothing. So I called the customer service line, they checked everything and resent the signal, waited an hour, nothing. Called them back and this time they came clean and said that the set top box I had needed something called a CAM and would only cost another 40 quid. I explained it wouldn't and cancelled our subscription before it started.

On Sunday morning, with the extra hour due to the clocks going back, instead of having an extra hour in bed, we had an extra hours shopping! First stop was the car boot sale in Barnsley, then on to another car boot sale near Selby where we got some new cartridges for the printer and card to make Christmas cards. Leaving the muddy car boot sale behind, we now headed for Lakeside in Doncaster which we bought some chocolate from the Cadburys shop. Then it was on to Parkgate retail park in Rotherham, where we got a refund for the TV pack and Debbie got some nice tops. After some deliberation, we called at KFC before making our way home.

Arriving home, we noticed that there was water pouring out of the overflow pipe for the loo, the leaky cistern must have given up teh ghost so while Debbie got everything sorted out downstairs, I raced off to B & Q for a packet of washers. Getting back home it took just 10 minutes to sort it out, lucking inside the bathroom was fine, it was just the back yard that had a good hose down

Debbie made some Christmas cards later in the afternoon while I watched Goodnight Mr Tom, which I've not seen before. Considering it was Halloween, there was nothing even remotely scary on telly, so we settled for George of the Jungle. We had about four groups of mini ghouls and goblins at the door through the night so we ended up giving away most of what we'd bought from Cadburys The extra hour finally started taking it's toll and we ended up going to bed very early.

This morning, we've had an extra half an hour in bed, with Debbie starting her new job today, we don't need to set off so early. It was nice not to be rushing about from getting up to leaving the house for a change. I came into work via the motorway as normal, only with it being an hour later, the queue of traffic was right round the roundabout, so from tomorrow, I'll be taking the scenic route instead!