Friday, November 05, 2004

Crunchie Day!

Not only is it Bonfire Night, it's Crunchie Day! Roll on home time!

Yesterday Debbie got a phone call from one of her ex work colleagues, not about how to post something or anything work related, but to tell her that she's pregnant. So after tea we went over to Sheffield to get all the latest news. We couldn't believe how many fireworks there were shooting up into the sky, it was still quiet at home, I don't think the police crackdown is working quite as well in steel city. We stopped for a cuppa and met their lovely dog for the first time, a huge Labrador/Collie cross.

Heading back home, the fireworks were still lighting up the skyline until we crossed back into Barnsley territory where all was calm and still, very spooky, the tight folk here must be holding on to their fireworks for tonight We had thought about getting a small box of non-banging fireworks for the back garden but it would cost the same as a large bottle of Bacardi, no contest!


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