Thursday, November 25, 2004

Springing Leaks

We let Zippy out of his cage last night for half an hour, the problem with this is that Lucy gets over exited, just sitting, laying, jumping and whining next to the cage the whole time. When it was time for Zippy to back in he was having none of it, sticking stubbornly to the outside of the cage while Debbie and I took it in turns to try and coax him back in. While this was gong Lucy was dancing around on the chair like a possessed puppy and when we told her off the inevitable happened, piddled all over the place. Sheesh!

So, we got that cleaned up, put Lucy in the kitchen and got Zippy back in the cage .... eventually. Then walking in to the kitchen to set the nutter on four legs free, Misty had decided that the litter facilities weren't up to scratch and took a leak next to the door. This time it was Debbie who was possessed, stomping off to the shop for a big bottle of disinfectant

After we got the place back in order and all the animals were chilling out, we managed to get on the computer for an hour or two. One of the things we've done is to sign up to Flickr so we can display some of the older pictures in the side bar. The ones showing at the moment are from our old Xanga site, our first attempt at a blog early last year. I will get around to adding some dates and descriptions to each photo ....honest


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