Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Card Reader

It felt a bit on the chilly side leaving work yesterday so I wasn't surprised to find the thermometer showing only 6c when I got home. Debbie had already made tea so we could get straight off to the supermarket for some bits and pieces, including a couple of bottles of loopy juice to save for Christmas.

On the way out I spotted PC World, it only opened this year so I keep forgetting it's there, anyway we popped in because we were on the lookout for a card reader for the cameras. With it being 10 minutes before closing we had four assistants sorting out which one we needed and it turned out to be cheaper than we were expecting. Making our way back to the till, this big security bloke jumps out and says "the tills are closing, please go to the till". Cheeky bugger, there was still 5 minutes to go so we revolted and wandered up and down some isles just to annoy him lmao!

Back at the ranch, a bacardi and coke was in order while we watched the new trailers for Star Wars III and also Bridget Jones - Edge Of Reason which we're hoping to see this weekend.

This morning it's still cold but we've still not had to scrape frost off the cars so far this Autumn, I think that might change over the coming weekend.... Winter here we come!


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gemmak said...

1 degree here last night and frost! brrrrr

How can you FORGET a pc world at close proximity....heaven! lol