Monday, November 22, 2004

Another Long Weekend!

We watched Children In Need on Friday night, Debbie sensibly gave up the ghost before the end while idiot me stayed up until 2.30am and ended up having one too many beers in the process!

On Saturday morning, Debbie's sister and nice came over for the Bridesmaid's dress fitting, her husband came along too but stopped behind with me while they went to see the dress maker. It all went well and the dresses look fabulous, Debbies dress is going to steal the show though, we'll post lots of pictures after the big day :-)

On the way back they'd spotted a car on a forecourt so we all had to trundle back over there for a closer look. We were hoping to take them into town but they had problems with the car so when we got back from car place they set off back home. We nipped into town for a few bit and pieces, including the elusive white tights that Debbie's been looking for everywhere over the last few months but I'm now happy to report that we found some!

For tea we popped out to KFC for a huge box of chicken and by the time we'd got back and polished it off, we could hardly move.... I love this diet! As soon as I felt able to get of the sofa, we put on a new film, Around The World in 80 Days starring Steve Coogan and Jackie Chan with a whole host of other stars popping up all over the place. We're not huge Steve Coogan fans but we thoroughly enjoyed the film with Jackie Chan being as funny as ever.

On Sunday after calling at the supermarket for a trolley full of vegetables, we went to see Dad, he's managed to get us a load of glasses for our toast at the wedding. They'll all need washing and I'm guessing I'll have to be supervised on this one or limited to drying as glasses seem to have a habit of flying out of my hands when I'm at the kitchen sink

After dropping the rattling glasses off back home, we set off to the hospital to see Grandma, Debbie got her a balloon on the way in while I cased the joint, seeing if would could escape with that bottle of helium Grandma was in good spirits and is having the nurses in hysterics as well as keeping the nurses on their toes She's looking better now than she did when she went in and that morning had been for a little walk to the window and back so it's looking good for a speedy recovery.

We were both exhausted when we got back so I popped round to the Chinese while Debbie got some drinks on the go before we sat down to watch a film on telly, the title of which I've forgotten as always but it was about a boy who looses his Farther and enters a dog sledge race across the snow and ice. It was a fantastic film and literally had Debbie on the edge of her seat when they approached the finish line.

Back to work now for five long days before another fun filled but hopefully not as tiring weekend.


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