Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Burning Sensation

Last night before tea we took Lucy for her first walk since before Bonfire night, Debbie suggested a different routine taking us out to the next village and back. We got as far as the motorway bridge and with the street lights in the distance it was looking a little dark, well pitch black to be honest. Thinking about how accident prone I've been lately, we decided to turn back, not risking me falling in a ditch or anything ..lol..

While Debbie was sorting out the pizza, I was in charge of drinks and reached for a glass next to the kettle which was on for some reason, anyway I my hand caught the steam just for a slip second before I danced back across the kitchen to the cold water tap! My hand is nice shade of red now and matches the burn on my arm from the ironing incident last week!

We've ordered a couple of those pedometer things that Walker Crisps are giving away at the moment, it will be interesting to find out how far off the mark we are in relation to the number of steps we should be taking each day and we'll see who does the most running about at work during the day, although I think Debbie's going to win that one with me hardly getting of my chair all day.

This morning Gerry Halliwell was on GMTV and Debbie noticed I was paying more attention to the telly than normal and I noticed that someone was in a bit of a daydream five minutes earlier when Hugh Grant was on!


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