Friday, November 12, 2004


The supermarket beckoned again last night, this time for Christmas presents, we spotted a bargain on Tuesday and didn't want to miss out, in fact they were so cheap, we got three! I can't say what they are because the lucky recipients might drop in here from time to time.

We had an embarrassing moment on the way out, just going through the door we set the alarm off and over trotted a security guard... He was very apologetic as he danced in and out of the doors with the three packages one at a time! Two were doing the ping thing and one was OK, so he escorted us to the service desk to give the offending packages a good rub on the de-pinger. We finally made our way out, ping free into the darkness to find the car.

Back home, I got to work sorting out the TV aerial having picked up an extension lead at lunch time. The picture was shocking on normal telly and when I switched on the freeview box, the signal strength was next to nothing, yet all the channels worked fine, that'll do for me!

We settled down with a bacardi & coke, as usual, and checked out blog land with our new Christmas CD playing in the background, it's a collection of old classics by even older crooners, many of which I've never heard off, but the tunes still sound great.


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