Thursday, November 04, 2004

Dodging The Fireworks

After tea last night we decided to take Lucy for a walk round the block, it is quite close to bonfire night now but we've not really heard that many fireworks nearby so off we went. A couple did go off on our way round, but Lucy isn't that bothered by them at all, prefering to have a nosey in eveyones garden as we walk by

We watched British Isles, A Natural History, this week mostly about industry and how it's changed the face of the landscape. On the local spot was Ravenscar, which I've been to before as a child and apparently, they used to process urine there in days gone by. I've been paddling on that beach!

Debbie told me about something that's been in the news, I've not been able to find the story but apparently someone has tied a firework to a dog and set it off, I gather the dog is very badly burned. Searching the net for the story this morning, it sickened me to find that there are many other cases like this arround at the moment and what is even more sickening though is even if the b*****ds are caught, the punishment will hardly fit the crime. They should be burned at the steak.


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