Saturday, May 20, 2006

Rain, Rain and yet more RAIN

Hi Folks

Sorry its been a while, been a bit busy working our socks off as usual.....

With all this rain we are having the garden is looking fantastic, plants are coming up that we did not know that we had. As well as us doing some more planting, the grass has shot up in the last week, just carnt wait to cut it and get me garden furniture out, but Paulie says I have to be patient, which is not one of my stong points!!

We are off next week for a well earned rest, did I say rest!! Well lets just say that we are off work, so the week will be full of exciting things to do....

In the week I did manage to get out in the garden with my pjs on and me coat in the pouring rain to catch the garden at dusk and boy Im glad I did as I got some wonderfull shots, lets hope you like them as must as we do!!













Thursday, May 04, 2006

We Have Grass!

Last week, the first few blades of grass started poking through the soil and the new lawns have now really got a spurt on in the warmer weather.

This was the scene just 8 days ago...


And this is the scene today!


The lower lawn is taking a little longer to get going, hopefully the bare patches will start to fill in soon. I was out watering the lawns for ages last night in preparation for the hottest day of the year so far forecast for today.


The upper lawn seems to be fairing better and it shouldn't be long before those brown patches disappear.


We've left the far side of the lawn to grow wild, we've sewn loads of wild flower seeds which are just starting to pop up here and there. The flower bed on the near side has also been sewn with Canada Green Grass Seed but just the normal one, the lawns were done with seed and feed which might explain why they're doing so well.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006


A short while ago we were forced to make a really difficult decision. Lollypop got a bite mark under his eye and Sasha a bite mark on the side of her head, only nips but enough to worry about with them left on their own for long periods. Lollypop was getting worse at chasing and pinning down Misty and Sasha was picking up this trait. Worrying at what we might come home to one day we sat down and thought about all the possible options and decided that the best thing to do for the dogs welfare was to have them re-homed.

On the Saturday before last, we took them back to the re-homing centre where we originally adopted them and fought back the tears while we went through the paper work. Leading Sasha and Lollypop down to the kennels was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, Lollypop was jumping about like a nutter as normal but Sasha was frantically looking around for Debbie who was hid behind our car sobbing her heart out.

We feel as guilty as hell, not only for taking them back but for thinking we could cope with more than one dog and especially adopting Sasha earlier this year. We've been used to telling Lollypop to get down every 10 seconds and telling either Lolly or Sasha to put the cat down. Saturday night was awful, Lucy was as a loss as to what to do in the peace and quiet and we couldn't help but mull over what we had done and questioned our decision all night.

Sunday brought a new sunnny day, in the afternoon we all sat out in the garden, Eric was off on his travels as usual but Misty was laid out on the steps and Toddy felt safe enough to sprawl out in the flower bed with Lucy, batting the odd bumble bee as it buzzed by.

We're sure we've made the right decision, adamant now that Lucy will be an only and spoilt little dog for the rest of her days.