Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twitter Bug

Debbie has been wondering what all the fuss is about on Twitter, watching me tap away on my first Twitter account @winternut which is now gone and then on @snowbabies.

Debbie didn't get the interweb on her phone last time around but we're getting new phones next week and is thinking about adding it and in any case, they'll be wifi and so internet ready regardless. So, with the new internet access coming, Debbie said she wanted to try out Twitter for herself.

We can't really both use the same account so I've created a new one with the same name as my photography site @littlebrownjob and Debbie is moving into @snowbabies.

We hardly have the laptop on apart from loading pictures and stuff so I don't think Debbie will be tweeting much until next weekend but I'll still be tweeting away regardless from my new home.

P.S. A quick note on the ice skating. We got our figure skates during the week and were looking forward to getting on the ice today. Unfortunatley we picked the busiest session of the week, there were no lockers left and hardly a free sqaure inch on ice. The folks down at the rink were understanding and gave us our money back so we can go when it's less busy and when they have the lights on!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Almost On The Ice

The plan was to get fixed up with some ice skates this morning and take to the ice at Ice Sheffield later on but we're going to have to wait just a little bit longer.

We've tried ice skating before but the hire skates had us in so much pain we gave up after a few minutes so having decided to give it another go, we also decided we should do it right.

We arrived at the Puck Stop, the skate shop at Ice Sheffield and were greeted by very friendly and helpful staff. Debbie tried on loads of figure skates before narrowing the choice down to just two. They didn't have quite the right size for one of them and rather than just go for the ones they did have, the helpful lady insisted they order the right size for the others so Debbie could also try those.

For some reason, the selection of figure skates for me was one and unfortunately, my shoe size in those was too long so they've also ordered the smaller size for me to try in a few days. I did suggest trying hockey skates but the lady rightly pointed out that it's a totally different style of skating and was having none of it. If we're learning to skate together, it will help if we're both learning the same style!

So, we're not quite on the ice yet but we will be and with the help from the staff at Puck Stop, I'm sure we'll enjoy the experience more when we do.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Week

Well not much has happened since last weeks snow apart from its melting, just work, work and more work! At least the journey has been pleasurable.

Friday night as usual its shopping night, managed to get it all done and home by 6.30pm, we decided to have Vodka Martinis, me being the sensible one only manage one glass, but as usual Paulie had to go 3 he knew about it Saturday morning!

Dad still can not drive so we took him shopping yesterday and then we decided to go Ikea (Dads never been before) we were herded round like sheep and got some good bargains, near to the end of the shop is the plant bit were we got three rose bushes at a £1 each proper Bargain! Some Tete a Tete and my favorite a ickle green plant that looks like grass but I can not find the name for.

Only having breakfast at 9am and now it was 3.30pm I was ready to keel over so we decided to find some food, we drove past Starbucks so we decided Pizza Hut would be good only to find we had to wait 10 mins for one of twenty plus tables that were already empty and looking at the menu did not fancy anything, you could see the look on Paulie's face (oh no she ain't liking it here) so we walked out, next we ventured to Exchange a Bar & Grill, walked inside and it smelt fantastic.

We were served in five mins and the drinks arrived, then the meal which was very tasty, now refueled we set off back home, dropped dad off and collapsed on the sofa for a chilled night, watched all last weeks Come Dine with Me and Brothers & Sisters.

Its Sunday morning, Paulie is up showered and ready to go, while I am sat on the sofa still in me PJ's and can't be arsed doing anything at all.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Walk Round Langsett

This morning we went for a walk round Langsett to enjoy the snow covered scenery. Having learnt that it gets busy mid morning, we got there for 9am before the rush and it was a good job because we've never seen so many people walking about in the middle of nowhere!

We chickened out of walking all the way round because on the moor there was a very icy wind and we'd have turned blue before we got down the other side. Instead we walked along the top route and then came back along the bottom route next the the reservoir.

Here is a selection of the sights to be had from snowbound Yorkshire today...

Langsett Snow

Langsett Snow

Paul at Langsett

Langsett Snow

Langsett Snow

Langsett Snow

Langsett Snow

Langsett Snow

Lucy at Langsett

Langsett Snow

Langsett Snow

Langsett Snow


Snow Driving & Debbie

Well what a week driving me ickle Yaris, but to be honest it did better than a lot of the big cars!

Monday I made it to work, yikes getting off our road is a nightmare and I managed to get home after queuing for over an hour on a road that normally takes just under 3 mins to get to the M1.

Tuesday, Wednesday much the same but roads a lot quieter as a lot of people decided to stay at home...yippe for me. As I pointed out to Paul we are the only ones on our street daft enough to go to work.

Wednesday evening I had had enough as Paul puts it "Who has pushed your temper button".

Thursday heavy snow started again at 7am, not amused, another day of being a taxi for Paul and getting meself to work, the air was blue and I don't mean with the minus temps we are having, plus having to travel to Castleford Xscape for a training afternoon. I am knackered!!

Paul has managed to stay out of the firing line this time!!!

Friday here at last, yippee, a meeting with my bosses boss if you get me, very nice chappie and they are well chuffed with me, say I have done a wonderful job even though I was dropped right in it, when I started working for them one of my staff went off sick and has not returned yet! A good end to the week.....

Now its Saturday morning I have been awake since 4.30 am and sat in bed with a cup of coffee waiting to go walking in the snow, something we have been waiting for all week, my camera is charged and ready to take lots of piccies.

Have a lovely weekend!


Thursday, February 05, 2009

This Weeks Snow

It's been a bit on the wintry side this week! The snow showers started on Sunday, nothing much on the ground by nightfall but by Monday morning we had a couple of inches of snow to wake up to. The drive into work wasn't too bad, the roads we're fairly clear and there wasn't too much traffic.

We had snow shower after snow shower through Monday and by mid afternoon, I was allowed to leave early given there was about 4 inches of snow and rising. Debbie on the other hand had to stay at work until the bitter end and by the time she set off, we had 5 inches of snow on the ground and the roads were getting increasingly tricky. It took Debbie an hour and a half to make the usual 20 minute journey back home!

We had some fun and games getting the car onto the drive but we got there in the end. By the time the snow stopped, we had a grand total of 6 inches on the ground with drifts a foot high around the garden.

We had no further snow on Tuesday and it started to melt a little, by Wednesday it was starting to melt a little faster in the winter sunshine but we still had at least 4 inches of snow everywhere.

This morning the snow came again, started about 7am and carried on until noon, giving a fresh fall of about 2 inches. This lighter fall seemed to cause more problems on the roads than the heavier fall on Monday.

The main roads are clear, the gritters seem to have got on top of the situation faster this time and we're not expecting any more now for a few days at least. We've not seen the tarmac on our road since Sunday but at least the packed snow has filled in all the pot holes!

We can't wait to get out in the countryside at the weekend, until then, here's a few snaps from this week.

Woodland Snow

Snow Field

Woodland Snow

Snowing Again


Monday, February 02, 2009


It started snowing yesterday afternoon and it's been snowing on and off since then. We've got more now than we've since the 90's and it's still coming down.

Garden Snow

Up to now the roads haven't been too bad here but I think they'll be bad tonight and who knows what they'll be like in the morning.

Quick glance at the 5 day forecast, snow, snow, snow, snow and more snow!