Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twitter Bug

Debbie has been wondering what all the fuss is about on Twitter, watching me tap away on my first Twitter account @winternut which is now gone and then on @snowbabies.

Debbie didn't get the interweb on her phone last time around but we're getting new phones next week and is thinking about adding it and in any case, they'll be wifi and so internet ready regardless. So, with the new internet access coming, Debbie said she wanted to try out Twitter for herself.

We can't really both use the same account so I've created a new one with the same name as my photography site @littlebrownjob and Debbie is moving into @snowbabies.

We hardly have the laptop on apart from loading pictures and stuff so I don't think Debbie will be tweeting much until next weekend but I'll still be tweeting away regardless from my new home.

P.S. A quick note on the ice skating. We got our figure skates during the week and were looking forward to getting on the ice today. Unfortunatley we picked the busiest session of the week, there were no lockers left and hardly a free sqaure inch on ice. The folks down at the rink were understanding and gave us our money back so we can go when it's less busy and when they have the lights on!



Kelly said...

...I know nothing about Twitter, but I see a lot of people are using it. I guess I need to "get with the program," but I think my blog is all I can handle! Good luck...

Jennyta said...

Yep, I'm with Kelly. :)

Sue said...

A blogger friend recently invited me to Twitter, and I'd already noticed others do it, but have felt that I already spend too much time blogging, so hadn't thought I wanted to take her up on it. Today, my husband informed me he found a way for us to text message each other without going through our phone provider. He said he set up a Twitter account, and wanted me to, too. Well, maybe I'll like it and regret not doing it sooner. I guess I can always take the computer outside and twitter while enjoying the weather, as it warms up.

Happy Easter!