Saturday, February 07, 2009

Snow Driving & Debbie

Well what a week driving me ickle Yaris, but to be honest it did better than a lot of the big cars!

Monday I made it to work, yikes getting off our road is a nightmare and I managed to get home after queuing for over an hour on a road that normally takes just under 3 mins to get to the M1.

Tuesday, Wednesday much the same but roads a lot quieter as a lot of people decided to stay at home...yippe for me. As I pointed out to Paul we are the only ones on our street daft enough to go to work.

Wednesday evening I had had enough as Paul puts it "Who has pushed your temper button".

Thursday heavy snow started again at 7am, not amused, another day of being a taxi for Paul and getting meself to work, the air was blue and I don't mean with the minus temps we are having, plus having to travel to Castleford Xscape for a training afternoon. I am knackered!!

Paul has managed to stay out of the firing line this time!!!

Friday here at last, yippee, a meeting with my bosses boss if you get me, very nice chappie and they are well chuffed with me, say I have done a wonderful job even though I was dropped right in it, when I started working for them one of my staff went off sick and has not returned yet! A good end to the week.....

Now its Saturday morning I have been awake since 4.30 am and sat in bed with a cup of coffee waiting to go walking in the snow, something we have been waiting for all week, my camera is charged and ready to take lots of piccies.

Have a lovely weekend!


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Tony said...

Time to have a fun filled weekend and forget the stresses of the week... funny at 4:30 this morning I was watching a couple of foxes playing out the front of the house wondering why they find the main road such a fun place...