Monday, February 02, 2009


It started snowing yesterday afternoon and it's been snowing on and off since then. We've got more now than we've since the 90's and it's still coming down.

Garden Snow

Up to now the roads haven't been too bad here but I think they'll be bad tonight and who knows what they'll be like in the morning.

Quick glance at the 5 day forecast, snow, snow, snow, snow and more snow!



Jennyta said...

I guess you are happy now, then Paul! ;)

Tony said...

Snowbabies have their snow.. :o)

Kelly said...

I have a friend in London right now. He said he heard it's their worst snowstorm in 18 years. Quite a bit has been shut down. That aside, it's really quite beautiful...always a perfect backdrop for the birds.

Kelly said...

Hi Paul, drop by my site for details on an award I am passing on to you, the Dardos Award.