Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day At The Coast

A day at the coast and where else but Robin Hoods Bay! We got there early to beat the tide and the traffic, both of which we accomplished. The sea fret was never far away so the lovely panoramics of the bay we love taking were all but impossible, either the shots were too dark or they were over exposed.

Still, we had a relaxing stroll amongst the rock pools, soaking up the Spring sunshine and the sea air. I'm sure we've been on colder days in August and by mid morning, it started getting busy with folks wanting to take advantage of the early dose of warm weather.

We moved on to Whitby and as we expected it was busy, Lucy hates it because she's always within an inch of being stood on, it was about a pleasurable as poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick. I think that will be our last Whitby visit until about January although I suspect even then, in rain, sleet or snow, we'd be battling with the crowds.

Here's a selection of images from our day, all taken by Debbie.


Taking A Nap

Lucy On The Rocks

Rock Pool


Crashing Waves


Rocks In A Rock Pool

Jurassic Cliffs

Tide Coming In

Rock Pools



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

We had another ice skating session on Sunday, did more laps than the previous week but we were both suffering from painful feet in no time at all.

Not long into the session, someone had a fall and the medics were treating whoever it was on the ice while the music still pumped out and everyone skated around them which I was a little surprised at. They were still on the ice when we left 20 minutes later so it must have been quite serious.

When we got back we got stuck into the garden for the first time this year. The lawn had it's first cut since November, planted a few bulbs, sewed a few seeds and put 3 new miniature rose bushes in the border. Everything is looking like Spring is here, the heathers in particular are doing great, really vibrant colours. We would have got a few pictures but as soon as we got the jobs done, the sun disappeared behind the encroaching clouds.

The photography in general has taken a back seat lately, we've been busy going here there and everywhere but we're hoping to get some happy snapping in soon.

The new phones are still going well, don't be thinking I've actually put mine down to post this, I'd have to have it surgically removed!


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Love Affair With The Nokia E71

Debbie was going to put a post on today but, she's busy... twittering... hopelessly hooked!

Yesterday that once in eighteen months experience came round, mobile phone upgrade time! We'd known for some time that we were going for the Nokia E71 so didn't even bother looking at anything else. The reason we went for this phone was:

Querty keyboard (Faster Twittering)
Wi-Fi (Mobile signal is intermittent down stairs in this thick walled old house)
Large wide screen (Eyesight's not what it used to be)
Camera (Not the best but it does have autofocus and macro)
GPS (We're not avers to getting lost now and again)
Price (At least £8 a month cheaper than anything else with this spec)

We're both delighted with the new phones, the buttons are tiny but surprisingly easy to use, the super fast wi-fi even reaches upstairs and the wide screen is great.

It's the first time ever I've not been advised to 'put that chuffin phone down' because Debbie's been too busy on hers! All the required stuff has been installed on both phones, Opera Mini, Shozu, Gmail, Google Maps etc and Debbie is quickly getting to grips with everything really quickly, especially Twitter!

Update on the ice skating: We've been again this morning, lasted half an hour again but did many more laps than the first time. The pain wearing the new skates is still a little overpowering at the moment, hopefully that will subside in a few weeks and we can concentrate on the skating rather than our throbbing feet.

Update on the weather: It looked like a beautiful day when we set of to the ice rink but the lovely sunshine had been replaced by heavy sleet when we came out, forcing a mad dash back to the car!