Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day At The Coast

A day at the coast and where else but Robin Hoods Bay! We got there early to beat the tide and the traffic, both of which we accomplished. The sea fret was never far away so the lovely panoramics of the bay we love taking were all but impossible, either the shots were too dark or they were over exposed.

Still, we had a relaxing stroll amongst the rock pools, soaking up the Spring sunshine and the sea air. I'm sure we've been on colder days in August and by mid morning, it started getting busy with folks wanting to take advantage of the early dose of warm weather.

We moved on to Whitby and as we expected it was busy, Lucy hates it because she's always within an inch of being stood on, it was about a pleasurable as poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick. I think that will be our last Whitby visit until about January although I suspect even then, in rain, sleet or snow, we'd be battling with the crowds.

Here's a selection of images from our day, all taken by Debbie.


Taking A Nap

Lucy On The Rocks

Rock Pool


Crashing Waves


Rocks In A Rock Pool

Jurassic Cliffs

Tide Coming In

Rock Pools




Kelly said...

Little Lucy looks very cute on those rocks! Sounds like a fun time...

Tony said...

looks like a great day out

Midmarsh John said...

I love Robin Hoods Bay but I've only been (several times) with 30+ children in tow. Beautiful in Summer but wouldn't fancy that steep road on icy Winter's days!
Nothing quite like all those steps up to the abbey at Whitby to give the heart a good work out.