Friday, October 29, 2004


Before making any tea last night we took Lucy for a walk round the village which we really should be doing a bit more often than we have been doing. It made a nice change having a leisurely stroll round the block and we'll be off again tonight but following a different route.

With it being quite late we just had butties for tea before sitting down to watch the dreadful offerings on telly, the best of last nights viewing was the shopping channel which says a lot On Monday a new channel launches on our littler freeview box, ITV3 which promises to be a dam sight better than the awful BBC3 and BBC4. The new channel will be showing classic ITV drama, a lot of which we've missed, including many episodes of A Touch of Frost which we're going to enjoy watching.

Even with it being quite mild at the moment it was still chilly in the house so we but the fire on and it wasn't long before Eric was curled up watching the dancing flames. Misty and Toddy does seem bothered by the fire, it business as usual for those two, sitting in the window or making weird noises in the kitchen.

This morning, Debbie's last day in her current job, we checked something out and in the flash of an eye, the air was blue, a very dark blue in fact! I'm sure Debbie will fill you in when she gets home but at the moment she's one very pissed off little bunny and I'm just glad I'm not standing in her bosses shoes this morning!


Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Day After The Day Before Yesterday

Having got Die Another Day on DVD a few weeks ago, we've never got round to watching it and last night it was on the telly So we saved that one for later, instead we watched The Day After Tomorrow and for once, the film lived up to all the hype, the special effects truly were amazing even if the story line was a little bit over the top. Rather like Jurassic Park did years ago, it took a sliver truth and made it bigger and better, a bit like the media do with a news story Still, we thoroughly enjoyed it and it'll be one to watch again and again.

Rounding the zoo up at bed time we had a bit of a scare, going to get the biscuits out of the cupboard for the three amigos, Lucy was trying to get in at floor level and Eric was trying to get in from above and in the commotion Eric got is paw trapped in the cupboard door. Debbie made sure he was alright before serving super, he wasn't for lying still though and I'm sure he was thinking, look, it's only a knock, just get those chuffin biscuits out!


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

GMTV - No Points

No cooking again yesterday, with a friend coming over we just nipped out for a bit of shopping and a tasty burger. Washed down with a glass of wine we just had time for a quick shufty at blogland before he arrived. We were all chatting over a beer while he had Toddy on his knee, then Eric on his shoulder and finally Lucy all over the shop

After seeing him off, we sat down and watched the TV Awards which GMTV have been plugging for two weeks, showing only the number to vote for them, not very sporting so we were both highly amused when they were beaten by This Morning Coronation Street won everything again, I think the writers of Eastenders need to take some happy pills or something, it's just too miserable.

David Jason won another award but couldn't make it as he was filming a new series in Yorkshire, they did say what it was called but I've forgotten and despite ten minutes searching google, I can't find it. Whatever it's called, I'm sure we'll be tuning in when it screens next year.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Shaun The Dog

Last night we gave Lucy a hair cut, she wasn't all that impressed at looking like Shaun the sheep but she looks so much better without all that scruffy hair. She also had a bath and as usual she was well behaved, just standing there until we'd finished and dried her off. As soon as towel was off she took off like a rocket, speeding into the bedroom, back again, a lap round the bathroom and then a final lap round the bedroom

With it being a bit on the late side when we'd finished I popped next door for Singapore fried rice and pork curry, we also got a complimentary bag of prawn crackers, I'm not sure if they're offering them to everyone or if they're trying to bribe me into suggesting a builder for the wall

After watching Eastenders and Changing Rooms we switched to ITV which is rare these days but there was a drama on called 'Who's Baby', not something we would have picked out to watch but it was gripping, covering a very difficult subject of child custody and we stayed up to watch it to end.

We thought we'd lost Eric for a moment, he wasn't in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or cellar. Debbie and I were stood in the kitchen scratching our heads when I spotted a tail sticking out of the tube on the cat tower, he'd been sleeping in there because its next to the radiator. What had happened was that because Lucy now has very little hair, we'd put her tartan jacket on and Eric wasn't too keen so he'd gone off to hide. When we got Eric out of the tube he was scratching and hissing so we took the coat off Lucy and Eric calmed down and came back to his usual spot, on the sofa with us.


Monday, October 25, 2004

Pet Magnets

We sat down to watch a film late afternoon, huddling under the duvet we'd brought down, the only trouble being that we we're covered in pets in seconds with three cats and Lucy vying for the best spot!

After tea, chicken curry and chips, Monarch Of The Glen was on but I think Debbie has lost interest in it since the story lines are getting dafter and dafter so opted out for a spot of blogging. We had Himalaya on in the background which this week was all about Tibet and it was fascinating to hear about this place which I've mentioned many time but knew little about.

The alarm clock came very close to being hurled across the room this morning, Debbie's just got this week left before she starts her new job and we can't wait for that extra half an hour bed next week!


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Bright lights of Blackpool Posted by Hello

Costa Del Blackpool

We went over to Blackpool with some friends yesterday and had quite a night. We didn’t set off from here until about 2.30pm and arrived in Blackpool sometime after 5pm to be met with traffic queues and full car parks.

While queuing, we passed big billboards saying how cool it was that they had closed a big car park to make way for a new adventure playground. I’m sure it will be nice when it’s done but at the time, I couldn’t help thinking that someone was taking the piss!

We were in two cars so try to get them both parked up somewhere was a nightmare and after 40 minutes of looking we decided to go round an round until we found somewhere. Our friends got parked up straight away while we carried on with the search. We did another two laps, waving to them as went past them We finally found a spot behind the pleasure beach and set off walking back down the promenade to where our friends had parked.

So there we were, 4 adults and two kids, all walking crossed legged looking for a place with food, seating and a loo We found a lovely little restaurant with a table big enough for all of us and we all enjoyed fish and chips cooked to perfection.

When we emerged from the restaurant, the illuminations had been switched on but so had the rain! At least the wet weather cleared the crowds a little as we walked along the golden mile looking at all the lights which look like new ones for this year.

One thing we both hate about Blackpool is that where at other coastal resorts they have one armed bandits in arcades, here they have mobile bandits with two arms yielding a card, screaming “come and have a go it’s free”. Soon you learn that saying “no thank you” or “we’re not interested” just doesn’t cut it as they try ushering you into their trap and despite normally being very polite, the response soon becomes “it’s not free so piss off!” and that usually works.

By the time we got back to our cars, we were all drenched from head to toe and ready to get in a nice in front of the fan heater. The traffic was heavy coming out of Blackpool for miles and didn’t really clear until we hit the M62. Climbing over windy hill it was really misty and we were struggling to know exactly where we were, feeling tired and ready for bed.

Needles to say, we both slept right though last night and it was nice not to be waking up with the sunrise at 6.30am for a change. We’ve been over to see Dad today before doing a bit of shopping, so now we’re chilling, totally bushed and ready for a drink!


Saturday, October 23, 2004

Friday, October 22, 2004

Trashing Fences

When I got home yesterday, I was supposed to be going round next door to ask if the fence could be sorted out but the Chinese fella was up a ladder sorting the drain pipes out, so I asked him about it and I think he sort of said go ahead. I did want him to do it really, but trying to explain that was harder then doing the job myself.

Pouring with rain, he then asks me if I know any builders that can build his new wall, I told him I didn't as we've not had anything like that done. Then, while we're both getting soaked and the three amigos are in the kitchen window wanting to know what the delay is, he starts to explain that he can't find a builder, he rings them but they don't turn up. Going by the struggle I had having a conversation with him, I think it might be because they haven't got a chuffin clue what he's on about!

Anyway I finally managed to get away and let Lucy out who was going daft by now, stood cross legged by the door. Donning some gloves I was back out in the rain, ripping sheets of metal off the fence and posting them back through the gap, it must have looked like a scene from the Incredible Hulk So that's sorted, no more metal flapping about in the wind in the early hours.

The rain stopped when I'd finished and Debbie arrived home, sods law! Then a little bit later on we had a few flashes of lightning and distant rumbles of thunder as the rain started pouring down again like it had done for most of the day. The lighting seemed to spook Eric a little so we're going to have to keep a close eye on him on Bonfire Night.

This morning I was changing the litter as normal, putting the bag of litter on the cat tower behind me while emptying the tray and when I turned round there was a little tail sticking out of the bag! He's into everything at the moment our Eric, at least he managed to get in there without knocking the bag over and sending litter flying everywhere


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Thanks For Linking!

A big thank you to Bloggo Chicago for linking to us

Cheap Shirts

Wednesday, middle of the week and no bread so off we go to the supermarket for some barm cakes or bread cakes or baps or whatever they're call from your part of the world. Did we emerge with just the bread, did we bugger! We have got most of next weeks shopping though which is cool and thanks to a till that had a mind of it's own, a new shirt which was a bargain at two pounds came through at two pence! I should have got a hundred of them and set up on ebay

On the way home we called in at the health food shop and ordered mixed kebab and chips. when we got home, we had two mountains of meat to tuck into and Lucy's eyes couldn't have been any bigger! Sitting down with a nice cold whisky and coke, we watched British Isles, A Natural History showed some of the mammals that used roam around here, including bears. I've been meaning to take Debbie to a museum in Sheffield which I'm sure used to have the last bear that was killed in the Sheffield area.

I woke up at 2am this morning, the wind was howling and the towels in the bathroom were waving about in the wind because the attic skylight was still open. Getting up this morning at the usual 6am I noticed that the metal sheet fence was blowing towards the cars so I had to move the cars back a little out of harms way. I'll pop round next door and have a word about it, they are supposed to be pulling it down and building a wall but are probably still waiting for permission from the council.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Dastardly & Mutley

Last night Debbie was on a mission, planning some dastardly deed for her boss After we'd got that sorted out and after Debbie had stopped giggling, we had a look at Blog Explosion to see what it does exactly. After ten minutes complaining that it was far too complicated after a vodka and coke, I couldn't get Debbie off the bloody thing!

Debbie's future boss (7 work days & counting!), called for a chat with Debbie, we're all good friends and I think we're planning on going out somewhere soon. Anyway, I managed to get the controls for a while and I must say I'm impressed with this new site, it's a cleaver way of letting people generate as many hits as they want to and to get everyone looking at other blogs.

This morning, with frost being forecast, it's was obviously pouring down with rain instead and not all that cold. We hate rain in the mornings because Lucy doesn't like getting wet and refuses to go outside. We do carry her out into the back garden but she just stands there looking at the back door, then us, then the back door again. Muppet!


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

If I Had a Hammer

Debbie beat me home last night for the first time in ages, I swear that little Yaris has grown wings! We had a bitty tea for a change, eating up all the cheese, biscuits and spreads that we bought on Friday. Tuna mayo spread on a digestive biscuit, it could only happen here

We've signed up for Blog Explosion, a new blog directory, we've not really had chance to have nosey at the directory yet but it's got to be better than clicking on that random button and finding a pair of melons, maybe a carrot and a couple of walnuts staring you in the face when you weren't excepting x-rated groceries!

We watched a new series called Tunnel Of Love starring Jack Dee, we weren't expecting it to be great but were pleasantly surprised with a few chuckles along the way.

It was a struggle getting out of bed this morning, it was chuffing freezing because the thermostat needed slapping again, I'm going to have another look at that at the weekend, a sledge hammer should do the trick!


Monday, October 18, 2004

Great Balls Of Meat

We managed to drag ourselves from the sofa to get some tea on the go, proper German meatballs in Bolognese sauce and in true Keith Floyd fashion we had a glass of wine while it was cooking. It was delicious and we'll definately be trying that one again.

My Brother called and said they were having a firework party but I don't think we'll be going, it's not fair on the pets, they don't seem to mind them but you never know if one is going to go off really close to the house. Also, with the police crackdown around here on fireworks and the fact that Bonfire Night falls on a Friday, there are going to be more set off than in recent years when it's been split over three or fours days.

We opened another bottle of wine, set the video to tape Monarch Of The Glen and Himalaya while we disappeared upstairs to watch a film about witches and I cant remember what it was called except that it starred Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock. We hardly touched our wine and it was all I could to keep my eyes open. The credits started rolling and I was asleep in seconds!

Hey ho, back to work again, Debbie's only got two weeks to go now until she starts her new job and it can't come quick enough, it can be difficult working out your notice at the best of times but I think some of the people there are being down right nasty, if they keep it up this week they might find they'll be missing the best member of staff they've ever had, two weeks early.


Sunday, October 17, 2004

Feeding time at the zoo.... Posted by Hello

Home Of The Tart

It’s been quite a busy weekend, yesterday we went over to see Debbie’s Sister near Manchester and for once we left the rain behind us in miserable Yorkshire. We had a great afternoon over there, visiting the farm where they keep the horses and Debbie even had a ride on Duke. I wasn’t tempted my self, bad memories of big a horse and stirrups that were too long, resulting in me being bounced around all over the place. Give me a horse and trap any day.

We stayed for tea, which was lovely and then made our way home, calling at the off-licence for some wine which was just what the doctor ordered when we both collapsed on the sofa.

This morning I think Debbie was all for staying in to nurse a bit of a muzzy head but I insisted we get out and about. We’ve been meaning to visit Bakewell in the Peak District for ages and I today was the day to tick this one off the list.

It took us ages to get there because I wanted to go the scenic route rather than down the motorway or through Sheffield. On the way there we drove through Buxton which looked lovely, certainly worth a closer look some time. We eventually arrived at Bakewell and surprisingly got parked straight away. It’s a lovely place and we ransacked the Tourist Information centre for ideas on more places to visit. I’ve bought a couple of books about the Peak District because even though I’ve lived on the edge of the Peaks for 34 years, I still don’t know my way around very well.

We got some fish and chips and took them back to the car. The fish was so fresh it tried to wriggle of my lap, I just caught it time but still got a few bits on the floor and chips all over the place. My car is going to smell like Grimsby Docks in the morning.

We both got fixed up with walking boots to keep our feet warm in snowy Scotland and where better to get them than the walking capital of England.

Amazingly, we took not one photo today, I think it was more a ‘check out the chicken’ exercise rather than a sight seeing trip. Anyway, we’re back home and chilling with animals now they’ve been fed. I’ll leave you with a picture of the Three Amigos tucking in…


Friday, October 15, 2004

Charity Token

To my astonishment, Debbie arrived home only five minutes after me last night after following one of her work colleagues through a short cut which must have been a good one to cut 20 minutes off the journey. I'd only got as far as feeding the zoo and washing up so with no tea on the go we decided to go to a local supermarket we've not been to for ages.

We didn't have a pound coin for a trolley but we had change so Debbie tried to buy a trolley off someone who had finished with theirs. The first lady said she was using a token, bought from Barnsley Hospice and means you always have it in your purse because you can't spend it. It seems like an excellent idea and we'll be popping down to get a couple soon.

Looking at the till receipt when we got home, I don't know how we got all the stuff in one trolley, I can remember waddling from the car to the house yelling, "I'm going down, I'm going down" and dropping one of the bags on the picnic table before my arm gave way.

We ended up having pizza and garlic bread for tea washed down by the usual vodka and coke. We had an hour on the computer, putting a new shout box on Debbie's blog and then watched some telly. We were getting in to a film called The Thirteenth Warrior but with all the adverts and a news break we were too tired to stay up and watch it to the end.

Crunchie day is here again, we've not made any firm plans for the weekend except that there will be no getting up early and copious amounts of doing bugger all!


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Little Johnny

Debbie gave a lift to a friend from work last night who just happens to live in the area we want to move to next year and by the time she got home, she was still drooling at the thought of moving up there! We can't wait to get the house hunting started but we're having to keep it to the back of our minds until after the wedding otherwise I think our heads will explode with too much information flying about

With Debbie running late, I put the tea in the oven and had an hour on the Weather Outlook Forum where there had been a heated debate about the forecast for the winter that hit the news headlines yesterday.

After tea, we sat down and watched Secret Window starring Johnny Depp, any excuse for Debbie to get a eyeful of little Jonny We'd not really heard much about the film and were surprised how dark it was but we were gripped from the start to the twist at the end. After that we watched British Isles, A Natural History, showing the way the ice age shaped our country into the way it looks today. In the local section at the end, they showed lots of beautiful places in Yorkshire that we've never seen, so I think we are going to have to get out and do some exploring.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Smile Card

The traffic was terrible on the way home last night, I'm not sure what had happened on the motorway but the radio said there were 11 mile tail backs going past out junction. I came home via an alternative route which is usually quiet but was really busy due to another accident just out of town blocking another main route. Debbie also had a nightmare journey home, taking twice the time is usually does.

Last night some friends came over for an hour, bringing back some DVD's that they'd borrowed from our personal video library. With Debbie sat next to Zippy, Lucy never moved all night, just in case Zippy got more attention than she Eric seems to be really people friendly and isn't wary of strangers, he was soaking up all the extra attention. Toddy has come out of his shell a little now, he's stopped hiding behind the microwave when people come to visit and Misty, well, he just can't be arsed

We've been to the petrol station together this morning with both cars gasping for a drink, Debbie went inside to pay and emerged about 10 minutes later with a big smile and said she's just been singing up for a smile card, I've no idea what it yet is but it's obviously working!


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Lady Of The Hall

Last night we went to the hall to check out the tables for the wedding. The fella we'd arranged everything with has handed over the reins to a nice Lady who gave us a call last week to make sure everything was going to plan. We pulled into the hall car park and the Lady was waiting for us at the entrance, she explained that there was a Karate class on but we could still look round as most of what we needed to see was in other rooms.

First thing was the tables, they've just got all new ones and exactly the number that we need, we also ran through the kitchen facilities again and decided where the buffet should go. When we said that we would be coming in to set up everything on the morning of the wedding, the Lady was having none of it and made a phone call to make sure there was no youth club on the Friday night. So, she's going to open up on that Friday and help us set every thing up! Even better news is that the whole place will be decorated for Christmas including a Christmas tree so we're not going to have nearly as much to do.

We called in at the late shop on the way home to get some litter for the cats and a few other bits and pieces. On our way out we noticed that the pizza place was empty so we risked ordering a burger each which we've not done for ages because we usually end up having to wait half an hour. The burgers we're lovely and fuelled us up in the cold with the central heating not working. I was looking at it the night before but couldn't get it going and last night Debbie had a look but to no avail. Then sitting on the sofa in front of the fire, Debbie remembered that we had to tap it last year, the thermostat that is. So I nipped upstairs, gave it a good slapping, put my hand on the radiator and burnt my hand!

We left the heating on all night to make sure everything is working again and this morning it was like a sauna upstairs We've switched it back on to timer and hopefully it will come back on so the house will be lovely and warm when get home.


Monday, October 11, 2004

Sunday Chill Time

We had the delicious casserole for tea yesterday that Debbie made on Saturday washed down with a nice glass of wine. We started watching a film but we both found reading magazines more interesting so ended up switching it off half way through. Zippy came out for the first time since taking a piece out of my finger and made a dash for the sofa again. With Lucy being a little better behaved this time, we let him stay there for a while before getting him back on his perch and into his cage. Over the last couple of days he's started chirping away really high pitched, I don't know where he's picked it up from but I sure do whish he's pack it in, it goes right through you!

As has become normal on a Sunday, we retired early and watched Monarch Of The Glen which featured another new character which leaves me wondering if they'll have managed to replace the entire cast by the end of the series. Himalaya was intriguing to watch as always and I'm looking forward to finding out more about Tibet in next weeks instalment.

It's darker than ever this morning, right up to getting to work and it makes it seem really early, even though I've been arriving at this time at work all through the summer. Feeling a little better, Debbie's gone back in to work today and only has three more weeks to go until she starts her new job. I think it's come about just at the right time, with the nights drawing in, only having half the travelling will make it so much easier.


Sunday, October 10, 2004

Rebels Without a Clue

This morning we’ve been up early, washing, hovering and tidying, not like us at all but the house is looking lovely now and was well worth the effort. We’d arranged to go for a walk somewhere with friends and their kids and at the last minute, with them wanting to take their bikes we decided on a local country park which I won’t name but it does have bits of stones around the place masquerading as sculptures.

Having paid the extortionate parking fee and got three bikes off the roof rack, sergeant park warden appears and tells us we can’t cycle in the park, or fly kites, or play ball games, or have the dog off the lead and if we’re seen to be having any kind of fun, we’d be evicted from the site. So the bikes went back on roof rack and we set off for walk round, admiring the works of art, not the lumps of stone, but the trees, acorns and conkers, the way nature intended.

Lucy did not seem at all impressed with our walk, especially as our friends husband decided to try and stamp on her and call her at every chance he had.

After half an hour walking past people who wouldn’t give the time of day, we we’re aware a car was waiting to get past us and we thought, hang a minute, if there’s no bikes allowed here, what’s a car doing on this track. So there we were, walking from one side of the track to the other being proper rebels without a clue …lol…

It wasn’t long before one of the kids had fallen on some thorns, closely followed by Mum moaning “I’m bored!”. We were glad to get out of there, back home to a nice bottle of wine and some maltesers.


Saturday, October 09, 2004

Wholesalers Part II

Following last night’s motoring disaster Debbie came round with a couple of Bacardi & Cokes followed by a sample of vodka blue while I continued with my stash of Bodingtons. The new vodka blue must have hit the chuckle spot ‘cos Debbie was chuckling all night long …lol…

This morning, not wanting to ever get behind the wheel of Debbie’s car again, we set off to the warehouse in my little car. Debbie’s little Yaris is a dream to drive but because my little Seicento is such a different car to drive, I struggle sometimes when just hopping behind the wheel for the odd weekend.

This time, I came off at the right exit on the roundabout and we got all the flowers that we needed for Debbie’s bouquet. From there we zoomed up the M1, well we were zooming until we hit traffic trying to get on the M62. Eventually we made it to the factory outlet place at Castleford. We didn’t get what we were after there, just a nice top for £1.99 …lol…

Onwards then to Pontefract, the home of Haribo and liquorice. We had a bit of a walk round and picked up some bargains, although the butties we had in the new buttie shop chain were anything but bargains.

Then we were back home for an hour before going out again and picking up some tea from KFC, everyone knocks this place but it’s always busy….maybe everyone’s in disguise so they’re not recognised and we’re the only ones not in on it…lol…

We’re back at the ranch again and Debbie’s working on her bouquet, which is looking fabulous already. Debbie’s on vodka blue again so I’m waiting for the chuckling to start behind me… I’m on Somerset scrumpy cider for a change which is going down a treat. We’re just waiting for Saturday Night Takeaway to start because this is good, old fashioned, proper, bonkers, Saturday night entertainment!


Friday, October 08, 2004

More Tea Vicar

With Debbie nursing Flu yesterday I was greeted by Bolognese and chips when I got home from work and it was delicious! We went over to see the Vicar to take the marriage certificates and drop off the hymn book we've had since June. The Vicar went through the order of service we've printed and he says it's lovely. His wife came to discuss the flowers and when she gave us the price and explained what we were getting for such a little amount, Debbie's face was a picture, shocked, jubilent and exited! With the flowers sorted she turned her attention to the order services that we've done and exclaimed...oooo goody, goody, carols! We must have been there an hour discussing everything from best man to their daughters new house

Getting back, we had a quick look at the blogs before retiring upstairs to watch the new, which was about the only thing worth watching last night.

This morning, Debbie's feeling a little bit better but didn't get much sleep last night so is not going into work today. When I left she was heading back to bed and today I'll leave it a little bit later than 8.30am to call her to make sure she's alright


Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dinosaurs On The Beach

We actually cooked a tea for the first time last night, burger in a bun Very tasty, especially with the Bacardi n Coke. Debbie wasn't feeling too good so, just for a change we just chilled on the sofa and watched a film. We missed most of British Isles - A Natural History, just catching the end where it goes local and showed one of our favourite places, Robin Hoods Bay.

We've not been for ages because dogs aren't allowed on the beach in summer season but we're free to visit there now. We love it there because rather than having just a sandy beach, there are loads of rocks and rock pools to explore and as the program showed last night, the place is abundant with fossils, especially ammonites.

Last night they showed a rock with some indentations which was apparently a dinosaur foot print, something I've probably seen before but never taken any notice off. I think I'll check out the web site accompanying the program and find out how many other things we've missed that are virtually on our doorstep.

This morning, Debbie is feeling worse if anything having caught my ManFlu, but without the moaning and winging No work for Debbie today who is under strict orders to stay in bed and get some rest.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Thanks For Linking!

A big thank you to Chatter News for linking to us

Cake Boxes

Yesterday, feeling rather good about remembering to call the insurance company and actually getting through, I totally forgot that I was supposed to be picking up some supplies on the way home. So when Debbie arrived home, off we went to the supermarket, first having our tea there and then whizzing round the isles, giving the cooked chicken section a very wide berth.

Back at the ranch we settled down to an evening on the computer, managing to get an update on Debbie's blog before good old MSN Messenger came to life while we were reading an email from my Auntie. It took us an hour to get a reply done while we were having a chat with one of our friends and my Brother and his wife.

With Debbie at the controls most of the evening it left my hands free to keep lifting my glass of beer, the cream of Manchester was going down rather well. I'm going to have to get back on the shorts again, with all this beer, I'm going to end up with shirt buttons pinging off in all directions.

Our little boxes for the wedding cake have arrived with 'Paul & Debbie 18 December 2004' on the top in gold letters. It took about ten minutes for Debbie to fold one in to shape and there's over a hundred of them to do. I think we might be having a few friends round for a box making party!


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A Few Phone Calls

Last night we had to make a few phone calls, the first being about some micro lights that we ordered from a mail order catalogue. When they arrived they weren't really micro lights at all so we've arranged to send those back. This is what puts me off buying things mail order, it can be a hassle just getting something delivered, having to pick things up from the post office all the time and then when your order arrives, you have to faff about sending it back if it's not right. It took me a bout 20 minutes to get through but I held on because, apparently, my call was very important to them.

With that sorted I called the Vicar to arrange to take the marriage certificates over and to go through the order of service to make sure it's alright. The next time we see him will be for the rehearsals!

Lastly, I called the caterers to make sure about the table cloths, Debbie was sure we'd arranged for them to supply the cloths and sure enough that was the case. The only trouble is that we'll need them in place quite early so we can arrange the tables on the day before we disappear to get ready so we'll probably go and pick them up the day before.

With the list of calls out of the way and me now doing a very good Bob Fleming impersonation, we called it night and disappeared upstairs to watch Changing Rooms which featured a shed in the bedroom, unusual and could have done with a lick of paint, then after that, Traffic Cops which featured our local jam sandwich brigade in action chasing unruly kids.

This morning, gingerly walking down stairs with Lucy, we're met by the crazy gang, led by Eric, who is still super charged from last night, he's got two speeds, flat out and stop. Trying
to get the kitty biscuits out of the cupboard without havening three cats in there that are convinced this is a self service establishment is a bit of a mission sometimes!


Monday, October 04, 2004


Well, time certainly does seem to be flying by as we get closer to the wedding, last week it was September and now we already on the 4th of October with the shops full of ghouls and goblins. I'm quite surprised we've not heard any fireworks yet, last year I think they started at the back end of September. With all our pets confined to the house all the time, it's not too much of a problem, Toddy's not really interested in them, Lucy barks at them, Zippy sings along with them and Misty sits in the window watching them. We will obviously need to keep an eye on Eric until we know how he's going to react to all those loud bangs.

Zippy was out of his cage most of yesterday and late in the afternoon decided to flutter down to one of the chairs. Lucy was there in an instant so I had to step in and pick him up and he's been fine with this for months but he must have been a bit on the grumpy side and really got hold of my finger, going right down to the bone. I just had to grin and bear it until I got him back to his perch, then looked at my finger, saw the blood rushing out and ran for the sink before I passed out! Debbie came to the rescue with a couple of plasters to stop the bleeding and to stop me from keeling over!

This morning my finger is slightly bruised, but at least it's still there!


Sunday, October 03, 2004

Wedding Reception Part II

Friday night we opted for the healthy option, I had mixed kebab meat with mint sauce and mayonnaise washed down with a beer and Debbie had kebab meat with garlic mayonnaise and a glass or two of wine.

Not having too much to drink meant that we were up early on Saturday morning ready for every man’s nightmare, shopping for a ‘nice top’. First stop was our favourite cafĂ© for breakfast and then it was time do some shopping. We hit a few different shops and looked at hundreds of tops but found nothing suitable for the night out later.

We still managed to get some nice new stuff for me and I wasn’t even looking. Finally we got to a shop with loads of nice tops, especial a lovely Chinese style top, but Debbie was still unsure and decided to keep on looking, hoping to find something better. So off we went to a factory outlet in Barnsley that had just opened where we again found nothing. Then we headed off to the sister branch in Sheffield. There was much more choice and Debbie got loads of stuff, but no nice top.

Sensing that we were running out of time, I suggested we drop down to Meadowhall and see if could find anything in the shops there. We had some food first to keep us going and then drew a blank again having searched every clothes shop from one end to the other. Then I suggested the Chinese top and that there was a branch at Meadowhall so we had a look in there. They had the top and it looked mega when she tried it on but it wasn’t the size we were after.

Not to be beaten, I drove us back to Barnsley and Debbie finally had her lovely nice top. Next stop, shoe shop, sitting on one of those stools for half an hour while Debbie tried on ten different pairs of shoes….and then picked the ones she’d tried on first. Then Debbie suggested I should get some new shoes and within ten seconds, I’d picked them, tried them on and was heading towards the till.

Back home, we managed to chill out for an hour and then it was time to get ready to go to yet another wedding reception, spookily at the same place we went to on Thursday night. Thankfully, we didn’t have to go through the trying every top in the wardrobe thing, instead I got, ‘which colour eye shadow, pink or silver’. I said silver and then I got, ‘why not the pink?’, so I said ‘pink would be nice too’ and the response was ‘yeah, so which one, pink or silver?’. I answered ‘silver’, then ran off to hide.

Having booked a taxi to bring us back home, I drove us down to the hall with a view to leaving the car there overnight and picking it up in the morning. We had another great night there with Debbie on Bacardi and coke again, while I was enjoying extra cold pints of Tetleys. We sat with my partner in crime at work and his wife, daughter and little baby boy who was having a proper chuckle with Debbie. After they left we retired to another quieter room to wait for our taxi.

The taxi was a dream, arriving right on time and costing less than I was quoted on the phone!

This morning we went back down to pick the car up, which was thankfully still in one piece. We’ve done nothing much else all day except watch Passion Of Christ which was very graphic and really turned my stomach. Now we’re just chilling on the sofa and planning to retire early to watch Monarch Of The Glen and Himalaya upstairs.


Friday, October 01, 2004

Turning The Tables

Last night we were rushing about like maniacs after work, getting ready to go out for the evening, to a wedding reception just down the road. For once, we managed to get out of the door on time with the first stop being the late night shop for a wedding card, proper forward planning people us you know

We arrived at the venue, an old hall, not like the ones for school assemblies, the ones that are bit like a castle with lovely gardens, we'll they looked OK in the dark With it being an old place, the bar area was quite small and we were soon being squashed up against the wall as the place began to fill up. Why is it always like that at wedding receptions, everyone gets herded into a really small space while the reception room is prepared, the thing was booked months ago, why didn't they prepare the room an hour earlier?

So there we were, all huddled up waiting for the farmer to open the pen gate, baaah! Finally we got into the reception room which was a much larger space but a long narrowish room with the dance floor in the middle. I think when people book this place, it's for the location rather than the layout of the rooms. Anyway, we got ourselves set up on a table near the dance floor and Debbie and her work colleague set about drinking the place dry while myself and her husband tried to make a shandy last as long as possible.

We had a great night, I even got on the dance floor, mind you, calling what I was doing dancing might be stretching it a bit Debbie and her friend were getting quite wobbly as they were singing away to the classic tunes spun by a DJ that looked like he used to work at the Wheeltappers & Shunters. By the end of the night, I thought we might need some wheelchairs to get these two home! We gave our friends a lift home as my partner in the shandy round had buckled and had a few pints.

This morning the tables have turned, I'm feeling much better, it must have been the lemsip and shandy, Debbie on the other hand, has a hangover from hell sponsored by Bacardi!