Sunday, October 10, 2004

Rebels Without a Clue

This morning we’ve been up early, washing, hovering and tidying, not like us at all but the house is looking lovely now and was well worth the effort. We’d arranged to go for a walk somewhere with friends and their kids and at the last minute, with them wanting to take their bikes we decided on a local country park which I won’t name but it does have bits of stones around the place masquerading as sculptures.

Having paid the extortionate parking fee and got three bikes off the roof rack, sergeant park warden appears and tells us we can’t cycle in the park, or fly kites, or play ball games, or have the dog off the lead and if we’re seen to be having any kind of fun, we’d be evicted from the site. So the bikes went back on roof rack and we set off for walk round, admiring the works of art, not the lumps of stone, but the trees, acorns and conkers, the way nature intended.

Lucy did not seem at all impressed with our walk, especially as our friends husband decided to try and stamp on her and call her at every chance he had.

After half an hour walking past people who wouldn’t give the time of day, we we’re aware a car was waiting to get past us and we thought, hang a minute, if there’s no bikes allowed here, what’s a car doing on this track. So there we were, walking from one side of the track to the other being proper rebels without a clue …lol…

It wasn’t long before one of the kids had fallen on some thorns, closely followed by Mum moaning “I’m bored!”. We were glad to get out of there, back home to a nice bottle of wine and some maltesers.



Kerry said...

That park warden sounds like a right scrooge! Sorry your day wasn't as good as you and Debbie planned it to be.

JustSue said...

That park warden sounds almost like a bad Monty Python sketch. (cue bad John Cleese impression) " fun allowed, you will just have to just walk quietly and keep your hands to your sides. Right? Ok then. Single file please. And no talking allowed!" Or remember the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld? Well I bet the park warden was a long lost English relative! "No biking for you!"

Jennyta said...

One of those 'jobsworth' types obviously!
I have moved back to my old blog at Blogger - had enough of Xanga - too controlling! Sorry for any incovenience, but it was lonely over there! :)