Thursday, October 21, 2004

Cheap Shirts

Wednesday, middle of the week and no bread so off we go to the supermarket for some barm cakes or bread cakes or baps or whatever they're call from your part of the world. Did we emerge with just the bread, did we bugger! We have got most of next weeks shopping though which is cool and thanks to a till that had a mind of it's own, a new shirt which was a bargain at two pounds came through at two pence! I should have got a hundred of them and set up on ebay

On the way home we called in at the health food shop and ordered mixed kebab and chips. when we got home, we had two mountains of meat to tuck into and Lucy's eyes couldn't have been any bigger! Sitting down with a nice cold whisky and coke, we watched British Isles, A Natural History showed some of the mammals that used roam around here, including bears. I've been meaning to take Debbie to a museum in Sheffield which I'm sure used to have the last bear that was killed in the Sheffield area.

I woke up at 2am this morning, the wind was howling and the towels in the bathroom were waving about in the wind because the attic skylight was still open. Getting up this morning at the usual 6am I noticed that the metal sheet fence was blowing towards the cars so I had to move the cars back a little out of harms way. I'll pop round next door and have a word about it, they are supposed to be pulling it down and building a wall but are probably still waiting for permission from the council.


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gemmak said...

Ooooooo, barm cakes, I remember those from my years in Manchester....can't get em here :o(