Wednesday, October 27, 2004

GMTV - No Points

No cooking again yesterday, with a friend coming over we just nipped out for a bit of shopping and a tasty burger. Washed down with a glass of wine we just had time for a quick shufty at blogland before he arrived. We were all chatting over a beer while he had Toddy on his knee, then Eric on his shoulder and finally Lucy all over the shop

After seeing him off, we sat down and watched the TV Awards which GMTV have been plugging for two weeks, showing only the number to vote for them, not very sporting so we were both highly amused when they were beaten by This Morning Coronation Street won everything again, I think the writers of Eastenders need to take some happy pills or something, it's just too miserable.

David Jason won another award but couldn't make it as he was filming a new series in Yorkshire, they did say what it was called but I've forgotten and despite ten minutes searching google, I can't find it. Whatever it's called, I'm sure we'll be tuning in when it screens next year.


1 comment:

Jacqueline said...

Why Coronation Street rocks my world and Eastenders does not?

I have absolutely no idea what anyone is saying on Eastenders.

Plus I'm secretly in love with Jack Duckworth. (lmao).