Friday, October 08, 2004

More Tea Vicar

With Debbie nursing Flu yesterday I was greeted by Bolognese and chips when I got home from work and it was delicious! We went over to see the Vicar to take the marriage certificates and drop off the hymn book we've had since June. The Vicar went through the order of service we've printed and he says it's lovely. His wife came to discuss the flowers and when she gave us the price and explained what we were getting for such a little amount, Debbie's face was a picture, shocked, jubilent and exited! With the flowers sorted she turned her attention to the order services that we've done and exclaimed...oooo goody, goody, carols! We must have been there an hour discussing everything from best man to their daughters new house

Getting back, we had a quick look at the blogs before retiring upstairs to watch the new, which was about the only thing worth watching last night.

This morning, Debbie's feeling a little bit better but didn't get much sleep last night so is not going into work today. When I left she was heading back to bed and today I'll leave it a little bit later than 8.30am to call her to make sure she's alright



JustSue said...

Lemme guess....8:45am?

Astrantia said...

Vicar's do tend to go on a bit hehehe.

Hope Debbie feels better soon.