Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A Few Phone Calls

Last night we had to make a few phone calls, the first being about some micro lights that we ordered from a mail order catalogue. When they arrived they weren't really micro lights at all so we've arranged to send those back. This is what puts me off buying things mail order, it can be a hassle just getting something delivered, having to pick things up from the post office all the time and then when your order arrives, you have to faff about sending it back if it's not right. It took me a bout 20 minutes to get through but I held on because, apparently, my call was very important to them.

With that sorted I called the Vicar to arrange to take the marriage certificates over and to go through the order of service to make sure it's alright. The next time we see him will be for the rehearsals!

Lastly, I called the caterers to make sure about the table cloths, Debbie was sure we'd arranged for them to supply the cloths and sure enough that was the case. The only trouble is that we'll need them in place quite early so we can arrange the tables on the day before we disappear to get ready so we'll probably go and pick them up the day before.

With the list of calls out of the way and me now doing a very good Bob Fleming impersonation, we called it night and disappeared upstairs to watch Changing Rooms which featured a shed in the bedroom, unusual and could have done with a lick of paint, then after that, Traffic Cops which featured our local jam sandwich brigade in action chasing unruly kids.

This morning, gingerly walking down stairs with Lucy, we're met by the crazy gang, led by Eric, who is still super charged from last night, he's got two speeds, flat out and stop. Trying
to get the kitty biscuits out of the cupboard without havening three cats in there that are convinced this is a self service establishment is a bit of a mission sometimes!


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