Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Shaun The Dog

Last night we gave Lucy a hair cut, she wasn't all that impressed at looking like Shaun the sheep but she looks so much better without all that scruffy hair. She also had a bath and as usual she was well behaved, just standing there until we'd finished and dried her off. As soon as towel was off she took off like a rocket, speeding into the bedroom, back again, a lap round the bathroom and then a final lap round the bedroom ..lol..

With it being a bit on the late side when we'd finished I popped next door for Singapore fried rice and pork curry, we also got a complimentary bag of prawn crackers, I'm not sure if they're offering them to everyone or if they're trying to bribe me into suggesting a builder for the wall ..lol..

After watching Eastenders and Changing Rooms we switched to ITV which is rare these days but there was a drama on called 'Who's Baby', not something we would have picked out to watch but it was gripping, covering a very difficult subject of child custody and we stayed up to watch it to end.

We thought we'd lost Eric for a moment, he wasn't in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or cellar. Debbie and I were stood in the kitchen scratching our heads when I spotted a tail sticking out of the tube on the cat tower, he'd been sleeping in there because its next to the radiator. What had happened was that because Lucy now has very little hair, we'd put her tartan jacket on and Eric wasn't too keen so he'd gone off to hide. When we got Eric out of the tube he was scratching and hissing so we took the coat off Lucy and Eric calmed down and came back to his usual spot, on the sofa with us.


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