Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Smile Card

The traffic was terrible on the way home last night, I'm not sure what had happened on the motorway but the radio said there were 11 mile tail backs going past out junction. I came home via an alternative route which is usually quiet but was really busy due to another accident just out of town blocking another main route. Debbie also had a nightmare journey home, taking twice the time is usually does.

Last night some friends came over for an hour, bringing back some DVD's that they'd borrowed from our personal video library. With Debbie sat next to Zippy, Lucy never moved all night, just in case Zippy got more attention than she Eric seems to be really people friendly and isn't wary of strangers, he was soaking up all the extra attention. Toddy has come out of his shell a little now, he's stopped hiding behind the microwave when people come to visit and Misty, well, he just can't be arsed

We've been to the petrol station together this morning with both cars gasping for a drink, Debbie went inside to pay and emerged about 10 minutes later with a big smile and said she's just been singing up for a smile card, I've no idea what it yet is but it's obviously working!


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