Sunday, October 03, 2004

Wedding Reception Part II

Friday night we opted for the healthy option, I had mixed kebab meat with mint sauce and mayonnaise washed down with a beer and Debbie had kebab meat with garlic mayonnaise and a glass or two of wine.

Not having too much to drink meant that we were up early on Saturday morning ready for every man’s nightmare, shopping for a ‘nice top’. First stop was our favourite cafĂ© for breakfast and then it was time do some shopping. We hit a few different shops and looked at hundreds of tops but found nothing suitable for the night out later.

We still managed to get some nice new stuff for me and I wasn’t even looking. Finally we got to a shop with loads of nice tops, especial a lovely Chinese style top, but Debbie was still unsure and decided to keep on looking, hoping to find something better. So off we went to a factory outlet in Barnsley that had just opened where we again found nothing. Then we headed off to the sister branch in Sheffield. There was much more choice and Debbie got loads of stuff, but no nice top.

Sensing that we were running out of time, I suggested we drop down to Meadowhall and see if could find anything in the shops there. We had some food first to keep us going and then drew a blank again having searched every clothes shop from one end to the other. Then I suggested the Chinese top and that there was a branch at Meadowhall so we had a look in there. They had the top and it looked mega when she tried it on but it wasn’t the size we were after.

Not to be beaten, I drove us back to Barnsley and Debbie finally had her lovely nice top. Next stop, shoe shop, sitting on one of those stools for half an hour while Debbie tried on ten different pairs of shoes….and then picked the ones she’d tried on first. Then Debbie suggested I should get some new shoes and within ten seconds, I’d picked them, tried them on and was heading towards the till.

Back home, we managed to chill out for an hour and then it was time to get ready to go to yet another wedding reception, spookily at the same place we went to on Thursday night. Thankfully, we didn’t have to go through the trying every top in the wardrobe thing, instead I got, ‘which colour eye shadow, pink or silver’. I said silver and then I got, ‘why not the pink?’, so I said ‘pink would be nice too’ and the response was ‘yeah, so which one, pink or silver?’. I answered ‘silver’, then ran off to hide.

Having booked a taxi to bring us back home, I drove us down to the hall with a view to leaving the car there overnight and picking it up in the morning. We had another great night there with Debbie on Bacardi and coke again, while I was enjoying extra cold pints of Tetleys. We sat with my partner in crime at work and his wife, daughter and little baby boy who was having a proper chuckle with Debbie. After they left we retired to another quieter room to wait for our taxi.

The taxi was a dream, arriving right on time and costing less than I was quoted on the phone!

This morning we went back down to pick the car up, which was thankfully still in one piece. We’ve done nothing much else all day except watch Passion Of Christ which was very graphic and really turned my stomach. Now we’re just chilling on the sofa and planning to retire early to watch Monarch Of The Glen and Himalaya upstairs.


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Jennyta said...

I don't know - you men. A bit of shopping and you go to pieces! lol