Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Lady Of The Hall

Last night we went to the hall to check out the tables for the wedding. The fella we'd arranged everything with has handed over the reins to a nice Lady who gave us a call last week to make sure everything was going to plan. We pulled into the hall car park and the Lady was waiting for us at the entrance, she explained that there was a Karate class on but we could still look round as most of what we needed to see was in other rooms.

First thing was the tables, they've just got all new ones and exactly the number that we need, we also ran through the kitchen facilities again and decided where the buffet should go. When we said that we would be coming in to set up everything on the morning of the wedding, the Lady was having none of it and made a phone call to make sure there was no youth club on the Friday night. So, she's going to open up on that Friday and help us set every thing up! Even better news is that the whole place will be decorated for Christmas including a Christmas tree so we're not going to have nearly as much to do.

We called in at the late shop on the way home to get some litter for the cats and a few other bits and pieces. On our way out we noticed that the pizza place was empty so we risked ordering a burger each which we've not done for ages because we usually end up having to wait half an hour. The burgers we're lovely and fuelled us up in the cold with the central heating not working. I was looking at it the night before but couldn't get it going and last night Debbie had a look but to no avail. Then sitting on the sofa in front of the fire, Debbie remembered that we had to tap it last year, the thermostat that is. So I nipped upstairs, gave it a good slapping, put my hand on the radiator and burnt my hand!

We left the heating on all night to make sure everything is working again and this morning it was like a sauna upstairs ..lol.. We've switched it back on to timer and hopefully it will come back on so the house will be lovely and warm when get home.


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JustSue said...

What a lovely bit of news regarding the hall. Nice to know you wont be rushing around getting things set up on the day of the wedding, although I am sure that wont mean you are relaxing and taking it easy...there will be a ton of other last minute details you will be rushing around doing.

Had to laugh over the central heating issue. Funny how sometimes a "smack" in the right spot can get everything working again. Kinda like the Fonz in "Happy Days"! lol