Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Dastardly & Mutley

Last night Debbie was on a mission, planning some dastardly deed for her boss After we'd got that sorted out and after Debbie had stopped giggling, we had a look at Blog Explosion to see what it does exactly. After ten minutes complaining that it was far too complicated after a vodka and coke, I couldn't get Debbie off the bloody thing!

Debbie's future boss (7 work days & counting!), called for a chat with Debbie, we're all good friends and I think we're planning on going out somewhere soon. Anyway, I managed to get the controls for a while and I must say I'm impressed with this new site, it's a cleaver way of letting people generate as many hits as they want to and to get everyone looking at other blogs.

This morning, with frost being forecast, it's was obviously pouring down with rain instead and not all that cold. We hate rain in the mornings because Lucy doesn't like getting wet and refuses to go outside. We do carry her out into the back garden but she just stands there looking at the back door, then us, then the back door again. Muppet!



28dayslater said...

Blog Explosion huh - might go have a look..... do you reccomend I have a vodka and coke first?

Daniel K. O'Leary said...

Great site! It was a litle tough to read after those 5 drinks, but seriously, good work. Anyways, wIll you help me get some beer?
Check out-

If you want to help, we can exchange links.

Cheryl said...

Thanks a bunch for the info on Blog Explosion. I hopped over and joined. You could get addicted to surfing blogs that way!! Kudos!