Friday, October 01, 2004

Turning The Tables

Last night we were rushing about like maniacs after work, getting ready to go out for the evening, to a wedding reception just down the road. For once, we managed to get out of the door on time with the first stop being the late night shop for a wedding card, proper forward planning people us you know

We arrived at the venue, an old hall, not like the ones for school assemblies, the ones that are bit like a castle with lovely gardens, we'll they looked OK in the dark With it being an old place, the bar area was quite small and we were soon being squashed up against the wall as the place began to fill up. Why is it always like that at wedding receptions, everyone gets herded into a really small space while the reception room is prepared, the thing was booked months ago, why didn't they prepare the room an hour earlier?

So there we were, all huddled up waiting for the farmer to open the pen gate, baaah! Finally we got into the reception room which was a much larger space but a long narrowish room with the dance floor in the middle. I think when people book this place, it's for the location rather than the layout of the rooms. Anyway, we got ourselves set up on a table near the dance floor and Debbie and her work colleague set about drinking the place dry while myself and her husband tried to make a shandy last as long as possible.

We had a great night, I even got on the dance floor, mind you, calling what I was doing dancing might be stretching it a bit Debbie and her friend were getting quite wobbly as they were singing away to the classic tunes spun by a DJ that looked like he used to work at the Wheeltappers & Shunters. By the end of the night, I thought we might need some wheelchairs to get these two home! We gave our friends a lift home as my partner in the shandy round had buckled and had a few pints.

This morning the tables have turned, I'm feeling much better, it must have been the lemsip and shandy, Debbie on the other hand, has a hangover from hell sponsored by Bacardi!


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