Monday, October 04, 2004


Well, time certainly does seem to be flying by as we get closer to the wedding, last week it was September and now we already on the 4th of October with the shops full of ghouls and goblins. I'm quite surprised we've not heard any fireworks yet, last year I think they started at the back end of September. With all our pets confined to the house all the time, it's not too much of a problem, Toddy's not really interested in them, Lucy barks at them, Zippy sings along with them and Misty sits in the window watching them. We will obviously need to keep an eye on Eric until we know how he's going to react to all those loud bangs.

Zippy was out of his cage most of yesterday and late in the afternoon decided to flutter down to one of the chairs. Lucy was there in an instant so I had to step in and pick him up and he's been fine with this for months but he must have been a bit on the grumpy side and really got hold of my finger, going right down to the bone. I just had to grin and bear it until I got him back to his perch, then looked at my finger, saw the blood rushing out and ran for the sink before I passed out! Debbie came to the rescue with a couple of plasters to stop the bleeding and to stop me from keeling over!

This morning my finger is slightly bruised, but at least it's still there!


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