Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dinosaurs On The Beach

We actually cooked a tea for the first time last night, burger in a bun Very tasty, especially with the Bacardi n Coke. Debbie wasn't feeling too good so, just for a change we just chilled on the sofa and watched a film. We missed most of British Isles - A Natural History, just catching the end where it goes local and showed one of our favourite places, Robin Hoods Bay.

We've not been for ages because dogs aren't allowed on the beach in summer season but we're free to visit there now. We love it there because rather than having just a sandy beach, there are loads of rocks and rock pools to explore and as the program showed last night, the place is abundant with fossils, especially ammonites.

Last night they showed a rock with some indentations which was apparently a dinosaur foot print, something I've probably seen before but never taken any notice off. I think I'll check out the web site accompanying the program and find out how many other things we've missed that are virtually on our doorstep.

This morning, Debbie is feeling worse if anything having caught my ManFlu, but without the moaning and winging No work for Debbie today who is under strict orders to stay in bed and get some rest.



adrock2xander said...

Hey why was my previous post removed? :(

Jacqueline said...

Can a woman really catch a ManFlu? Hmmmm. Hope she's feeling better. We'll send some chicken soup across the pond.

Snowbabies said...

Sorry about that Adrock, we've just been hit by a lot of rather naughty spam and whilst it didn't come from your site, we've checked and removed anything pointing to any adult orientated sites. I think we originally hit your site randomly by way of the blogger next button and as most of it is blocked by the firewall, I guest it's not of a family nature lol.