Sunday, October 17, 2004

Home Of The Tart

It’s been quite a busy weekend, yesterday we went over to see Debbie’s Sister near Manchester and for once we left the rain behind us in miserable Yorkshire. We had a great afternoon over there, visiting the farm where they keep the horses and Debbie even had a ride on Duke. I wasn’t tempted my self, bad memories of big a horse and stirrups that were too long, resulting in me being bounced around all over the place. Give me a horse and trap any day.

We stayed for tea, which was lovely and then made our way home, calling at the off-licence for some wine which was just what the doctor ordered when we both collapsed on the sofa.

This morning I think Debbie was all for staying in to nurse a bit of a muzzy head but I insisted we get out and about. We’ve been meaning to visit Bakewell in the Peak District for ages and I today was the day to tick this one off the list.

It took us ages to get there because I wanted to go the scenic route rather than down the motorway or through Sheffield. On the way there we drove through Buxton which looked lovely, certainly worth a closer look some time. We eventually arrived at Bakewell and surprisingly got parked straight away. It’s a lovely place and we ransacked the Tourist Information centre for ideas on more places to visit. I’ve bought a couple of books about the Peak District because even though I’ve lived on the edge of the Peaks for 34 years, I still don’t know my way around very well.

We got some fish and chips and took them back to the car. The fish was so fresh it tried to wriggle of my lap, I just caught it time but still got a few bits on the floor and chips all over the place. My car is going to smell like Grimsby Docks in the morning.

We both got fixed up with walking boots to keep our feet warm in snowy Scotland and where better to get them than the walking capital of England.

Amazingly, we took not one photo today, I think it was more a ‘check out the chicken’ exercise rather than a sight seeing trip. Anyway, we’re back home and chilling with animals now they’ve been fed. I’ll leave you with a picture of the Three Amigos tucking in…


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