Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ever since we moved here we've always had bats stop by at dusk for a few minutes during Spring and Summer. Yesterday evening I tried to capture the little fellows on video and made the following notes:

1. Using a 500m lens is a none starter, they are too fast to keep in the frame.

2. Using the tripod is useless because it stops at a certain angle and the bats often fly a few feet over my head.

3. Even set at 150mm, the big lens is too heavy when off the tripod, I'm sure the bats we laughing at me staggering about, can't hear ultrasonic giggling though so I couldn't be sure.

4. May induce motion sickness watching the playback.

I'll try again with the 200mm lens which is light as a feather and see if I can do a bit better.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thorp Perrow

Today we've been to Thorp Perrow, Bedale, North Yorkshire. It's a fantastic place which Debbie found on the net last week, don't know how, I'd never heard of it before. The grounds are huge, filled with trees, shrubs, flowers, ponds, streams, lakes and thousands upon thousands of daffodils.

At the far side of the park is a falconry centre where they have everything from a Kestrel to a Golden Eagle, including this beautiful Southern White-Faced Owl.

Southern White-Faced Owl

We watched the flying display which was amazing and Debbie got to handle a Barn Owl and a Jackal Buzzard.

You can see many more of Debbie's images from todays vist and a couple of mine right here.


Monday, April 13, 2009


Now lets see were we are up to:

Fantastic day out last weekend as you can see below.

Been really busy at work, working every hour I can to get on top of everything, we should have been on holiday this week, but had to cancel till Ive got my full staff, hopefully interviews next week yippee.

We have had a lovely chilled Easter bank holiday, started Friday with shopping in town, spent too much as usual, got some great plants, then off to the local supermarket for normal shop, but we noticed some plug lettuce so got some of them to grow me own and a miniature greenhouse to grow them in, on the way out Paul noticed all the roses reduced, could not resist so back to the check out arms laden with roses and some other plants.

Home and started planting when the heavens open on us, so we chilled on the sofa watching some good films.

Saturday was weeding and planting, boy we work really hard and I must say we did a fantastic job, pesky little buggers them weeds!!

Sunday was to be a trip to the garden center, but 10am comes and a phone call from Dad we are coming over for tea, a frantic 45 minutes tidying up and mopping followed. We did manage the trip to the garden center only to find they had been forced to closed!!

Dad not been to well recently and is off his food, hence I made shepherds pie and a roast as well, all Dad managed to eat was a roast pork butty!!

Today we are deciding were to go, but up to now neither of us has moved for a shower or breakfast.

Think a day of flower photography is in order ;o)


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lotherton Hall Bird Garden

We visited Lotherton Hall today, never been before even though it's only half an hour away. At just £3.60 for parking, it's a bargain of a day out, the bird garden is huge and took us over 2 hours to get round. On top of that you've got the grounds which we didn't explore today and a deer park (field with deer in it).

We both thoroughly enjoyed it, clicking away as we walked round the gardens and cursing the wire mesh on occasion. I've struggled to thin down Debbie's almost 400 pictures to the ones below, there were just so may beautiful birds begging to have their picture taken.

Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall


Saturday, April 04, 2009


To celebrate one thousand posts since 19th July 2003, here is our resident mouse...

Our Mouse