Monday, April 13, 2009


Now lets see were we are up to:

Fantastic day out last weekend as you can see below.

Been really busy at work, working every hour I can to get on top of everything, we should have been on holiday this week, but had to cancel till Ive got my full staff, hopefully interviews next week yippee.

We have had a lovely chilled Easter bank holiday, started Friday with shopping in town, spent too much as usual, got some great plants, then off to the local supermarket for normal shop, but we noticed some plug lettuce so got some of them to grow me own and a miniature greenhouse to grow them in, on the way out Paul noticed all the roses reduced, could not resist so back to the check out arms laden with roses and some other plants.

Home and started planting when the heavens open on us, so we chilled on the sofa watching some good films.

Saturday was weeding and planting, boy we work really hard and I must say we did a fantastic job, pesky little buggers them weeds!!

Sunday was to be a trip to the garden center, but 10am comes and a phone call from Dad we are coming over for tea, a frantic 45 minutes tidying up and mopping followed. We did manage the trip to the garden center only to find they had been forced to closed!!

Dad not been to well recently and is off his food, hence I made shepherds pie and a roast as well, all Dad managed to eat was a roast pork butty!!

Today we are deciding were to go, but up to now neither of us has moved for a shower or breakfast.

Think a day of flower photography is in order ;o)



Joanne said...

Hope you manage to get out in that garden and do your photography.

Thank you for following my blog I hope you enjoy it.

Sue said...

We'd need more than 45 minutes to get our house in order for company! Our kids don't count, though, as their places are messier than ours.

I have to say our living room is usually tidy, because my husband puts the things I leave there in sacks, which makes it even harder for me to find things. There is a coupon for a local garden center that's going to expire before I find it. :o(

Well, I like your other posts that were put up after this one. I am going back outside now that I just ate my yogurt. Thanks for your comment on my daffodils.