Saturday, June 30, 2007

Uncle Paul & Auntie Debbie

It's been a mad week! On Sunday we took Dad out for a birthday dinner at a local pub and when we got back to his house he had a message to say that my brother and his expecting wife had gone to hospital for a check up.

The heavens opened in the early hours of Monday morning, giving us 10mm of rain by 6am. We set off to work and the rain just kept coming and coming. Debbie was sent home early with the situation getting quite serious all around us. Given the horrendous traffic, Debbie just came straight to me rather struggle home and back again. When we did eventually get home, the rain gauge now read 80mm! We watched the news in amazement at the extent of the flooding in Sheffield just down the road.

On Tuesday morning at 6:30am the text message came through that we were waiting for, our neice had arrived, born at 4.05am weighing in at 7lb 12oz!

Dad managed to get to the hospital to see his Granddaughter and filled us in when he got home that evening. We were hoping to visit the hospital ourselves on Wednesday but the traffic around here was bonkers with all the main routes into Sheffield still closed through fear of a dam bursting.

As it happens, Mother and Daughter were allowed home on Wednesday night and after a day of adjusting to their new world on Thursday, we went to visit last night.

She's absolutely gorgeous, she slept the whole time we were there, just stirring now an again waving her tiny arms about.

Can't wait to see her again!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back To The Coast

Debbie finished her course of antibiotics on Friday and with her mouth still sore on Friday morning we still weren't sure about going out for the day on Saturday. Thankfully, by Friday night the pain had eased enough and we decided to go for it.

We invited my brother along who stayed over on Friday so we could get away early and head off to Robin Hoods Bay.

We had a blast on the beach, Debbie celebrated the passing of toothache by climbing up the cliffs and hopping across the rocks while my brother and I tried less risky routes around the pools and streams. There was more water about than normal despite the tide being right out because of all the rain water still flowing from the hills following the heavy rain on Thursday and Friday.

Lucy had a ball too, she's getting better and better with water, she was speeding round the rocks, diving in to numerous rock pools head first.

After exploring every corner of the beach and with Lucy looking like a drowned rat, we called in at Whitby for a tray of chips and a look round the shops. The rain finally caught up with us late in the afternoon so we headed off home having had a brilliant day but we were all totally and utterly knackered!


Flamingo Land

We finally got around to loading some pictures from our day out at Flamingo Land back in May.

Debbie took 133 pictures of the Sea lions, thank goodness for digital photography! You can see the best shots of the day here.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Achey Breaky Tooth

Debbie's been having a rough time with toothache recently which has been getting worse over the last few weeks. It started out as nothing more than a sensitive tooth, so we booked ourselves into the dentist for a checkup. The required treatment wasn't to be until July as our new dentist was off on holiday for a month.

Last week the sensitive tooth turned into excruciatingly painful tooth and I tried to get Debbie into the dentist earlier. They still couldn't offer us anything earlier than 3 weeks and by Friday Debbie could take no more so we rang NHS Direct. They promised an appointment somewhere that day and would call Debbie on her mobile to let her know.

Thing is, Debbie's phone has been playing up a bit and when they rang it didn't and went straight to answerphone. They didn't leave a number and Debbie hadn't got the NHS Direct number with her so called me.

I called our dentist to get the NHS Direct number but after explaining why I wanted it, Debbie had an appoint that afternoon!

I got a phone call late on Friday from a very tearful Debbie who just wanted to go home. It turned out that the offending tooth was cracked inside, this is what was causing all the pain. There wasn't any option but to have the tooth extracted, so out it came, but not without an almighty struggle.

After the anesthetic wore off the pain started to return but we hoped that would subside by morning.

Morning came but the pain was still there, pain killers seemed to do the trick so we set off to the coast as planned. Poor Debbie struggled through the day, popping pills and putting on a brave face as we explored Mablethorpe and Cleethorpes.

The pain was worse than ever on Sunday morning so we called NHS Direct again and after going through everything were instructed to go immediately to Accident & Emergency.

The hole where the tooth used to be was now sporting an abscess, Debbie had two options, go to see a specialist for more drilling or take antibiotics and a new cocktail of pain killers. Debbie opted for option 2, we left with 2 kinds of pain killers, antibiotics and a mouth wash.

The new drugs seemed to do the trick and the swelling and pain has been subsiding over the last couple of days. The course of antibiotics lasts until Friday by which time the hole formerly known as tooth will hopefully have healed completely.


Friday, June 01, 2007

Back To Work

We've been back at work for 4 whole days and it already feels like we've never been away, roll on next holiday!

We did have a great time last week though, Debbie took over 300 pictures while we were at Flamingo Land, we'll have to find some time to post a few of them.

It wasn't until later in the week that we discovered that Debbie's new camera was rather good at doing movies too or we could have got some great action shots of those mental rides.

We we're lucky with the weather while we were off, our garden became the favourite hang out for the local Starling population, tucking into free snap and cooling down in the new bird bath.

Elvis The Starling

The weather seems to be picking up again, it's been freezing this week but I think the shorts will be coming out again tomorrow. We can't complain though, it's done wonders for the garden, there is green everywhere now with the odd hint of the colours that are just around the corner.