Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back To The Coast

Debbie finished her course of antibiotics on Friday and with her mouth still sore on Friday morning we still weren't sure about going out for the day on Saturday. Thankfully, by Friday night the pain had eased enough and we decided to go for it.

We invited my brother along who stayed over on Friday so we could get away early and head off to Robin Hoods Bay.

We had a blast on the beach, Debbie celebrated the passing of toothache by climbing up the cliffs and hopping across the rocks while my brother and I tried less risky routes around the pools and streams. There was more water about than normal despite the tide being right out because of all the rain water still flowing from the hills following the heavy rain on Thursday and Friday.

Lucy had a ball too, she's getting better and better with water, she was speeding round the rocks, diving in to numerous rock pools head first.

After exploring every corner of the beach and with Lucy looking like a drowned rat, we called in at Whitby for a tray of chips and a look round the shops. The rain finally caught up with us late in the afternoon so we headed off home having had a brilliant day but we were all totally and utterly knackered!



Jennyta said...

You're looking great, Debbie. Lucy too!

Jennifer said...

Looks like a fun time. Cloudy but fun :)

JustSue said...

Debbie you are looking FAB!

Susan said...

Thats my kinda day. More clouds mean less crowds.