Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Still No Time To Relax!

We're busier than ever at the moment, we can only dream of relaxing in the garden! Over the last few weeks we've done the laminate flooring in the dining room, tidied the garden, had a family and friends over for a BBQ, done the laminate flooring in the living room, taken the bottom half of the stair case down and as of last night, managed to get 3 steps back on!

On top of all that, we've had a run in with Talk Talk and tomorrow our phone line will be back with BT again! We've still got to transfer the broadband but to do that we need a MAC code from Talk Talk, simple enough, all you have to do is call them. The only problem is, we have to be very lucky to even to be placed on hold for half an hour, more often than not we're just cut off because they're too busy, even the sales lines are the same.

Once we've got everything back with BT and have our nice new wireless set up, we might even get to post here just a little more often that once a month lol. Until then it's back to building stairs and seeing if we can get to Talk Talk to someone at Talk Talk!