Thursday, July 31, 2003

It's Thursday again, the weekend is almost upon us :-) We've been busy looking for places to take our dogs for walkies with Maisy ready to venture out on Friday :-)

We've found a cool site, Walking With Dogs, which has great ideas on where to go walking with dogs, the name says it all

I think we are going to be doing some more serious walking, 5 - 10 miles across open country, rather than once round the park So we need to buy some more toys/gadgets (my favourite hobby), walking shoes, map and a compass, not that we'll be going of the beaten track for a while yet, I can read signposts much better than a compass

Maisy has taken to digging in the flower tubs, chucking the soil all over the back yard and then laying in the tub Lucy was a little down this morning, I think she's missing the great outdoors, only one more day and then it's time to go exploring again :-)

Paul & Debbie

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Wow! What a fantastic weekend we've had! On Saturday night we went to see the Bootleg Beatles at Nostel Priory near Wakefield. Apparently there was a crowd of 4,000! We passed through a rain shower on the way there but it was a lot brighter when we got there. We set up camp consisting off, 2 chairs, 1 brolly, a pint of Guinness, a bottle of wine, 2 cheeseburgers and some chips.

We got talking to the couple next to us straight away, they were staying at a camp site 10 minutes away, which is what we should have done so we could both have a drink, so a tent is now on the shopping list for next time The show ran a little late but eventually the support act was introduced (we didn't even know there was one) and the name of this group came as a shock and a fantastic surprise . . . . The Corrs! We thought it was a joke at first, but nope, they were the real thing :-)

They managed to get through a couple of tunes but then it started to rain and 4000 brolly's appeared as if by magic We were both squeezed under our brolly, one side of each of us getting soaked It only rained for about 15 minutes so it wasn't so bad. Ohhhh and the Corrs, they were fantastic!

We had our 15 minute (going on an hour) interval, where we bought some more wine and took in the atmosphere as the place started drying out.

Eventually, the announcement was made, here come the Bootleg Beatles, and on they came. From 200 yards away, you couldn't tell them from the real thing

Actually, they are a pretty good likeness close up. As for the sound, now that was a near as you're ever going to get to the real thing, A1, first class, top banana! The atmosphere was second to none, there was dancing round the tables, dancing in the isles, dancing in the beer tent, even dancing in the queues for the loo! We loved every minute it!

To end the night, there was a spectacular firework display, loads of dazzling effects we've never seen before :-)

We had a thoroughly good night and can't wait to go to another open air concert :-)

Today we've been to a local wedding fair at Cannon Hall, Barnsley. There were a few things to see and short fashion show. We picked up a few ideas and have some contacts now for the arrangements still to be made for our wedding next year. There was also a classic car show there but our "get up and go" had "got up and gone" after the long day yesterday so we gave that a miss.

Back to work tomorrow, time for a drink me thinks ;-)

See ya later,

Paul & Debbie

Friday, July 25, 2003


Its rained all day here, think its just about stopped, another bobbins day at work!!

its whiskey and coke time here, just been taking some piccies of our ickle a mad one of

Paul has just made me a drink that has mad me eyes

we are going to take Maisy to the vets tomorrow for her last injection then we are off tomorrow nite to see the Bootleg Beetles, now that should be a good nite, then on sunday we are going to to a park near us and they are having a bridal show and classic car racing, so that should be a good day out...

this is something that might make you giggle or go

here are the piccies i took......well paul just clicked the

cu soon

Debbie & Paul

Thursday, July 24, 2003

It's Thursday!! We like Thursdays, mainly because we know it's Friday tomorrow and we usually have a drink in the evening to celebrate it being Friday in the morning. We obviously have a drink on a Friday and Saturday because its the weekend. On a Sunday we have a drink because we're facing work again in the morning. On a Monday we have a drink due to the long hard day back at work after the weekend. On a Tuesday we don't have a reason for having a drink, so we have a drink while we think of one. On a Wednesday, it's about as far away from a weekend as you can get, depressing, so we have a drink.

We had a shock this morning, no shower . . it's busted . . . again, second time this year. So we had to settle for a bath, neither of us like the bath in the mornings, it's only there for a good long soak in the evening. At least this time I'll be able to fix it in the daylight, last time it was in winter and I had to do it by candle light, resulting in me getting a minor electric shock, turning white and having a very funky hairstyle.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

It's still hot & humid here, not as bad as last week though, we're getting the odd rain shower now :-) Ten days and counting until we can take the dogs (Lucy & Maisy) out, it's torture at the moment having all this good weather and not being able to take them out anywhere :-( It's for the best though, it's not worth risking an infection before Maisy has had her final injections. They had the water bowl over in the kitchen yesterday, we got home to find the entire contents of the bin floating around! We're going to have to put a reminder on the back door to put the bin somewhere safe before we go out, we forget so many times .lol.

Our African Grey Parrot (Zippy) is getting more vocal by the day, mostly elaborate whistles at the moment, but he's dropping in the odd ehh-hoo now and then :-) The cats (Misty & Toddy) are doing fine, they're house cats, we can't allow them outside with us living on a main road. We did try taking Misty for a walk in the park on a lead once, which was cool, but he panicked when I carried him back across the main road and I got scratched everywhere .lol.

Paul & Debbie

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Hi, we've just moved in here from Xanga due to technical problems!! Computers . . don't you just love em :-P

Please click here to see our old Xanga blog.

Let's introduce the residents of this mad, mad zoo!

Lucy - Our 9 month old puppy, a jack russell with an arorable face :-)
Maisy - Our new addition, 9 week old puppy, a collie cross with loads of energy !
Misty - Our older cat, likes to keep himself to himself.
Toddy - Our youngest ginger cat, very loving and bonkers
Zippy - Our African Grey Parrot who is just starting to talk :-)

Paul & Debbie - We live together on the outskirts of civilization in Yorkshire, we like taking the dogs on long walks but they are grounded for two weeks until Maisy has her second set of injections. We can't wait to get them both out on the field :-)

It's been so very hot and humid here for the last few weeks, nights are the worst, the amount of beer/wine/whisky/vodka/bacardi/cider/tia maria/martini we have dunk to stay cool is astonishing .lol. We could drink more water, but hey, where's the fun in that .lol.