Thursday, July 24, 2003

It's Thursday!! We like Thursdays, mainly because we know it's Friday tomorrow and we usually have a drink in the evening to celebrate it being Friday in the morning. We obviously have a drink on a Friday and Saturday because its the weekend. On a Sunday we have a drink because we're facing work again in the morning. On a Monday we have a drink due to the long hard day back at work after the weekend. On a Tuesday we don't have a reason for having a drink, so we have a drink while we think of one. On a Wednesday, it's about as far away from a weekend as you can get, depressing, so we have a drink.

We had a shock this morning, no shower . . it's busted . . . again, second time this year. So we had to settle for a bath, neither of us like the bath in the mornings, it's only there for a good long soak in the evening. At least this time I'll be able to fix it in the daylight, last time it was in winter and I had to do it by candle light, resulting in me getting a minor electric shock, turning white and having a very funky hairstyle.

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