Saturday, July 19, 2003

Hi, we've just moved in here from Xanga due to technical problems!! Computers . . don't you just love em :-P

Please click here to see our old Xanga blog.

Let's introduce the residents of this mad, mad zoo!

Lucy - Our 9 month old puppy, a jack russell with an arorable face :-)
Maisy - Our new addition, 9 week old puppy, a collie cross with loads of energy !
Misty - Our older cat, likes to keep himself to himself.
Toddy - Our youngest ginger cat, very loving and bonkers
Zippy - Our African Grey Parrot who is just starting to talk :-)

Paul & Debbie - We live together on the outskirts of civilization in Yorkshire, we like taking the dogs on long walks but they are grounded for two weeks until Maisy has her second set of injections. We can't wait to get them both out on the field :-)

It's been so very hot and humid here for the last few weeks, nights are the worst, the amount of beer/wine/whisky/vodka/bacardi/cider/tia maria/martini we have dunk to stay cool is astonishing .lol. We could drink more water, but hey, where's the fun in that .lol.

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